Taurus Ascendant (Vrushabha Lagna)

Taurus Ascendant

Taurus or Vrushabha Sign


Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac from 30degree to 60degrees. It represents the face of kala purusha. It is an even sign also sthira (Fixed), Prithwi tatwa (earthy), female rashi (feminine), moola, white in complexion, long, prishtodaya (rises with its back), direction towards the east, vysya cast(Business community), quadruped, cold tempered. It resembles the Bull. It represents forest or field, the land where cattle or agriculturist resides. Venus is the lord of this sign.

People with this ascendant

People born in this ascendant will be of middle stature with the plump body, broad and strong forehead, prominent nose, cheeks and lips, thick and stout neck, dark hair. They will be fond of enjoying young women. Their nature will be sacrificing and forgiving, may have marks or mole in the back or face. They shine well as authors, publishers, journalists. They are the lover of truth and never bound by sentiments. They are business minded.

They will have attractive eyes and mesmeric personality. But they take some time to get along with the people. They talk with authority. They also think before talking. If female, she will be beautiful and attractive. They will have cool nature, black hair, round face, broad forehead, wide lips, and proper denture. They are very attractive also they will be easy to get attracted. They will be friendly to everyone.

They may suffer from nervous complaints. Their memory and power of imagination will never deceive them. Because of passionate nature, they may become prey to sexual diseases in their old age unless they moderate their pleasure and learn to exercise self-control.

They will be a versatile scholar, proficiency in different branches of knowledge, mathematician, metaphysician, philosopher, logician, doctor and talented poet. They will be good in the art also. They are intelligent, will have good memory power, very active and they usually don’t want to dominate others.

Since Mercury will be lord of the 2nd house of communication and 5th house of past life (poorva punya) and mercury is a friend to Venus, these people are good at communication. They talk with clever, intelligent and fun way. Sometimes they talk very philosophically.

Even though they will be born into a big family, they may have to live separate from their parents. Usually, they will have more daughters.

Benefic and Malefic planets for Taurus ascendant

Saturn is the yogakaraka planet for Taurus ascendant. Sun and Saturn are auspicious. Mercury is also auspicious but to some extent. Jupiter has been treated as less auspicious and Maraka because he owns both evil houses. Moon being 3rd lord, becomes a malefic planet. If Mercury joins Saturn and Sun, it will give benefic results. Mercury alone may not be very auspicious. Mars being 7th and 12th lord and neutral to Venus, it gives mixed results.


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