Arvind Kejriwal Swearing in ceremony


Arvind Kejriwal Swearing in ceremony

In politics something unusual happened in the last one year. Nobody would have thought a person who is unknown figure to many suddenly rose to fame and became chief minister of India’s capital city with the help of Congress party. Now the question in front of million people is how long this government can survive. Can Kejriwal live up to the expectation of the people? No one can predict with certainty, only time has to answer all these questions. But here I am trying to predict astrologically based on the planetary combination at the time of swearing in ceremony.

Arvind Kejriwal sworn in as chief minister on 28th December 2013 at 11:57 AM Delhi on Saturday. It was on Swathi Nakshatra whose lord is Rahu. Here is the chart of the moment.


At this time, Pisces or Meena was the rising sign, whose lord Jupiter is sitting in 4th house of Gemini. Here Jupiter is retrograde. Retrograde Jupiter shows unpredictable nature from him. Also, it shows he may not be very honest as it is perceived. Here ascendant degree is in very early stage, which shows Kejriwal will be very immature and impractical in dealing with people. Throughout his tenure people will be confused whether he is really working for them or not. Sun and Mercury are situated in 10th house. It is a house of power and authority. That means he is going to use his power and authority. So definitely he will use his power effectively.There might be some populist schemes. A ruler must have intelligence in ruling. Here Mercury is completely combust, so he may lack in intelligence and cleverness in implementing policies. Mars is sitting in 7th house of partnership and other people. It clearly shows there will be lot of difficulties in dealing with power. Here Mars is aspecting 10th house also which shows there will be lot of hurdled in executing the power. This means that there will be lot of pressure from his partner which is congress party. They will not allow him to work smoothly. Also, he may get bad reputation from his own party men. As Ketu is sitting in 2nd house, he may not communicate with the masses effectively. Also, we have to study the 8th house for longevity. 8th house represents longevity, survival, hidden agenda etc., Here Saturn, Rahu and Moon are sitting together. Also, Saturn is aspecting 10th house of career, which means he has to go through all the adversities to get settled. Instability can be a worrying factor for him. Here Rahu and Saturn shows obsession to dig over hidden objects. Here hidden objects means it could be corruption and scams. Here Rahu shows sudden and unthinking decisions. It can lead into major disasters. And its lord Venus who is retrograde sitting in 11th house of gains. So he may not get much gain from public opinion. But saving grace for him is, there is a parivartana yoga (exchange of houses) between Saturn and Venus. So by all the adversities he will definitely try to make the positive out of everything. Still he may get public sympathy for him. Anyways that is his ambition to get into the national level. So can he succeed in doing so? Probably yes, definitely he has a chance to go to bigger level.

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