Cancer Ascendant (Kataka Sign)

Cancer Rising

Cancer or Kataka Sign


It is the fourth sign in the zodiac from 90degree to 120degrees. It represents chest portion of the kala purusha. It is an even sign also chara rashi, jala tatwa (watery), female rashi,  dhatu, long, Prishtodaya (rises with its back), direction towards north, Brahmin cast (teaching class), pinkish white in colour.  It resembles the shape of crab. It represents places where angels and goddesses wander such as beautiful gardens, watery fields where paddy is grown, wells, tanks, river banks, shrubs and trees, place where moisture and humidity is more.

Moon is the lord of this sign. Jupiter is exalted and Mars is debilitated in Cancer sign. Cancer contains Punarvasu 1 pada or quarter, Pushya 4 quarters and Ashlesha 4 padas.

People with this ascendant

Cancer rising people will have normally medium stature, thick neck, friendly nature, thick waist, white complexion, frail constitution, fast walk. They will have low recuperative power but becomes stronger at later stage, courageous, fond of water, intelligent, have few sons, attached to the family, very sensitive, interested in social work. They will be a reputed in society due to good speech, having serving nature and wisdom. Unhappy married life.

These people are like a crab. If they decide on something then they will complete it on whatever count. They are very active like Moon. But there can be lots of ups and downs in emotions. These people can be very sensitive. They can be especially very close to their mother. But their partners may not match up to their expectations. But their partners will be hard workers.

Benefic and Malefic planets for Cancer ascendant

Jupiter, Mars and Moon are auspicious for this ascendant. Mercury and Saturn are not auspicious and Venus and Sun gives mixed results.


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