Virgo ascendant (Kanya Lagna)

Virgo Rising

Virgo ascendant or Kanya Lagna


It is the sixth sign in the zodiac which is from 150 degree to 180 degree. It is an Even rashi, also dwi swabhava (or dual, means 15degrees towards chara or movable and 15 degrees to sthira or fixed rashi), prithwi tatwa (earthy), feminine, grayish white in complexion, medium height, shirsoodaya sign, direction towards south, vysya cast (business community), biped(human sign or nara rashi), Medium ascension. The symbol for Virgo resembles like a girl sitting in a boat holding a shrub in one hand and a lamp with other. It rules over stomach region.

Virgo represents the place of artisanship, place of enjoyment of women, pasture land, land with water, and land with corn, multi coloured, and vegetation land.

Mercury is the Lord of this sign. Mercury also gets exalted in this sign. It is exalted from 0degree to 15degrees. From 15degrees to 20degees, it is a Moola trikona house for Mercury. Venus gets debilitated in this sign. It contains Nakshatras of Uttara 3 padas or quarters, Hasta 4 quarters and Chitra 2 quarters.

People with this ascendant

People with this ascendant usually have a slender body, middle height, dark hair and eyes, curved eyebrows. They will be emotional, intelligent, takes others money, lucky in marriage, sweet speech. Usually they look younger than actual age. They will be truthful and will speak kindly. They may take advantage of others for their personal gain. They can judge things at a glance. They will be good in arts and literature. Also, they are interested in chemical sciences, teaching and judiciary. They can be great philosophical writers.

Benefic and Malefic planets for Gemini ascendant

Mercury and Venus are auspicious for Virgo ascendant. Jupiter and Moon will give mixed results. Sun and Mars are malefics for this ascendant.


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