Libra Rising (Tula Lagna)

Libra Rising

Libra ascendant or Tula Lagna


It is the seventh sign in the zodiac which is from 180 degree to 210 degree. It is an odd rashi, also chara rasi (or movable), vayu tatwa (earthy), male, mixed colour, medium height, shirsodaya sign, direction towards west, biped (human sign or nara rashi), Soodra caste (working class), It resembles the shape of a man holding a balance. It rules over abdominal region.

Libra represents high land where corn is grown, place of business or offices, street shops, a rich man’s place of abode, a merchant’s house, market place.

Lord of this sign is Venus. Saturn is exalted in this sign and Sun in debilitated. Also, Libra is the Moola trikona house of Venus from 0 – 15 degrees. It gets the Nakshatras of Chitra 2 padas or quarters, Swathi 4 quarters and Vishakha 3 quarters.

People with this ascendant

Usually they will be tall, lean, long face, curly hair, uneven limbs, fine skin and gleaning eyes, physical beauty, truthful disposition. They will be active, fond of wandering, brave, merciless, impartial in their arguments, keen observer, sharp reasoning, firm in conviction, unmoved by mean motives, more idealists than realists. They can build castle in the air, they are not sensitive to what others say of them, and also they are not easily amenable to reason. Their domestic life may see frequent tensions.

If we divide this rasi into three parts, we will see three different characteristics. The people with first part are always looks happy. They take everything lightly; they like to live very lavishly. People in second part will have lot disturbances. They are little lazy. People with third part will think a lot before doing anything. They would like to be always happy, but it will be difficult for them to be so.

Benefic and Malefic planets for Libra ascendant

Saturn and Mercury are auspicious for this ascendant. Jupiter, Mars and Sun are inauspicious. Mars and Jupiter are Maraka planets. Again Sun is also Badhakadhipathi planet.


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