Rahul Gandhi: Horoscope analysis

Rahul Gandhi: Horoscope analysis


Rahul Gandhi is one of the leading politicians of India. Currently he is the Vice president of the Congress party. He belongs to politically influential Nehru-Gandhi family. Some people think he is the future prime minister of India. He is trying very hard to match the charisma of Narendra Modi of BJP. But in the present circumstances it looks very difficult. I am going to analyze here whether he is a prime ministerial material or not. Or does he have a chance in the future?


Rahul Gandhi was born in Delhi on 19 June 1970. Time is unknown for us. This horoscope is little confusing because Moon is in the junction of Scorpio and Sagittarius. With the little difference in time, the position of Moon changes the sign.  As usual I will analyze the horoscope with different scenarios.

When we see his horoscope, there are some very interesting things. Retrograde Jupiter and Mercury both are Vargottama (Vargottama means very strong position). Saturn is debilitated and Venus is also weak as it is debilitated in Navamsha (D9) chart. Also Mercury is afflicted by having papa kartari yoga between two malefics Saturn and Mars. Same way Venus is afflicted by having papa kartari yoga between Mars and Ketu. For him, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury are placed in a good position and will give lot of positive energy.

Looks like, he is born with the ascendant of Sagittarius.  It makes some sense by looking at his life. But it is my assumption. Let us see his horoscope based on the Sagittarius ascendant. Lagna lord Jupiter is in 11th house (Libra). Jupiter is Vargottama and governs 1st and 4th house. 1st house represent self and comforts and 4th house represents house, happiness, property, comforts, mother etc. All these parameters are governed by Jupiter. Naturally he is blessed with all these things. But Jupiter is aspected by debilitated Saturn.  Jupiter is also retrograde in his horoscope. Retrograde planets are unpredictable in nature, so does Rahul Gandhi. Since Jupiter is retrograde, it loses lot of its sattwik (or purity) characters. Also, Jupiter is situated in Libra. It clearly shows he doesn’t have any intention to make good to the society. He is more involved with his own benefits. Also Libra is chara or movable sign. So he cannot take any firm decisions. He wants to communicate something but it becomes something else. That is the reason he is famous for dumb logic than the leadership skills. I am not saying Jupiter is weak; it only loses its benefic character. In fact retrograde planets are very near to earth and they get more chesta bala in the shadbala break up (shadbala is a six fold strength used to assess strength of a planet)

Moon in the first house shows mother has a great role in his life. Moon is also exalted in Navamsha.  But again Moon is the 8th lord sitting in 1st house. So it has negative aspects too. 2nd house represents finance, money matters, speech etc. Here Venus from 8th house is aspecting the 2nd house. 8th house is a malefic house but also it represents hidden treasure, inheritance, money through others. That will give immense wealth for the person. No doubt he is the wealthiest person of the country.

3rd house represents courage and valour. 3rd house is also a upachaya house. So Rahu in 3rd house is a good position. But 3rd lord debilitated Saturn makes him very lazy, lacks courage to lead. Also there is no benefic aspect from any side. That will make him a weak leader. He will have problems in decision making.

Why he is not been married yet? There are many factors causing this. Sun and Mars are sitting in 7th house of marriage. Mars is 7th from both ascendant and Moon. And debilitated Saturn sitting in 5th house of relationship is aspecting 7th house. It clearly has a negative impact on marriage. It is a battle of energies between Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. He must have had bad relationships in the past. But marriage is not completely denied. Since Jupiter is aspecting 7th house and 5th house both, there is a chance that he might marry later stage.

Now the bigger question is can he get the top position to lead the country? Lagna lord Jupiter and 10th lord Murcury are sitting in 6-8 position to each other. It is a negative factor. But both are Vargottama. Here Mercury is in between Saturn and Mars. It will be very difficult for him to be successful. As the Sun being 9th lord in 7th house aspecting ascendant, may give him the success in politics. As the Sun is sitting in the house of ‘others’, he is treated as a leader. But as the 6th lord Venus is fallen in Navamsha and Mercury is afflicted by malefics, he lacks administrative capacity. He cannot take independent decisions. Also he is surrounded by people with less intelligence because of Saturn. So all-in-all he may get the chance to lead a country in future by mere luck but he may fail miserably. It is very difficult to predict the exact timings because time is not known. But by considering this time, after 2020 there is some favorable time. There are two Vipareeta Raja yoga’s are formed in his horoscope (One by 6th lord Venus in 8th house and second by Moon being 8th lord is sama saptaka with 12th lord Mars). So this gives sudden and unexpected changes in life.

In the Dasa of rahu, there is a chance of becoming prime minister. As the Jupiter is aspecting Rahu and it is situated in 9th from Sun, he may get the chance to lead. This may happen after 2020. But the dispositor of Rahu is debilitated, that means he may fail miserably.

Sadesathi – Nov 2014 – Jun 2022: He may have to face lot of troubles in this period. As the Saturn is debilitated, sade sathi period may not be smooth. His past life Karma can haunt him badly. He may even have to face the legal trials. His mother will have health related troubles. Overall his second half of life may not be as flourishing as the first half. He has to face lot of hurdles.

Now let us assume that he is born before 10 AM. Then the horoscope may not offer much to him. Then his Moon’s position will shift to Scorpio. Here Moon will become very weak and also it is in a position of Gandanta. Gandanta means it is position in a horoscope where fire and water elements meet. There are three places in a horoscope this can happen. They are in the junction of Pisces (Revathi Nakshatra) and Aries (Aswini Nakshatra), Cancer and Leo and Scorpio and Sagittarius. Here Moon is posited in the junction of Scorpio and Sagittarius. So with little difference in time of birth, Moon’s position can be changed to Jyesta to Moola nakshatra. So his Moon is in very weak position. It could have gone worse if Mercury is not aspecting. Since Mercury is vargottama, it is giving him lot of strength. If his Moon is in Scorpio, then he may not become Prime minister at any time.

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