B.V. Raman: Modern Astrologer

B.V. Raman: Modern Astrologer

Whenever we talk about modern astrologers, the one of the astrologer comes to our mind is B.V. Raman. It is a pleasure to analyze his horoscope. Bangalore Venkata Raman was born on 8 August 1912 in Bangalore. He is a great astrologer and author of numerous books, magazines and articles. His contribution to Vedic astrology is immense.

As per the data available, his DOB is August 8, 1912, at 7:40 PM in Bangalore. Here is the vedic birth chart.

BV Raman

Panchanga of his birth:

Tithi: Krishna Ekadashi

Vara (Week day): Thursday

Nakshatra (Star): Mrigashira

Yoga: Vyaghata

Karana: Bava

The most significant part of his horoscope is, his Kendra and Kona houses. As both are very active, he was very popular and a very famous figure.

His ascendant is Kumbha or Aquarius sign and its lord Saturn is situated in 4th house and aspecting ascendant itself. No doubt Saturn is debilitated in Navamsha, but there is a strong positive influence on it by Jupiter and Moon. There might have been some negative influence by debilitated Saturn on personal front.

The most impactful planets in his horoscope are Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter is sitting in 10th house of Karma and profession. Also, Jupiter is 2nd and 11th house lord. So his profession and income generating profession had to be Jupiter related profession. He was a great Guru and expanded the knowledge of Astrology. Mercury is the significator of astrology, and it is very strong by virtue of Vargottama and it is also aspecting lagna. And again 10th lord Mars is aspecting its own house. So no wonder he is the master of this science.

8th house also plays a great role in this science. It is the house of deep research. Mercury is the 8th house lord apart from being 5th house lord. Mercury is the Karaka for Astrology, writing, mathematics, speech, prediction, speculation etc. You all know Mathematics is the integral part of Astrology. He has written many books and articles in Astrology. He was also running astrological magazines. These were all possible by the grace of strong Mercury. Mercury is Vargottama in his horoscope and it is strong by being retrograde. Mercury is also 5th house lord. 5th house also represents poorva punya house and house of education. 5th house also represents Children. That is the reason his children are also famous astrologers.

There are many strong Yogas in his horoscope. Some important yogas are Gaja-Kesari yoga, Amala, Bheri, Brahma, Saraswathi and some Rajayogas and Vipareeta raja yoga. Here Guru being very strong controls Saturn and Rahu.

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