Varuna Mudra

Almost 70% of the body is water. Varuna mudra keeps the water balance in the body.

Formation and Effect: Varun mudra is formed by joining the tip of the small finger with the tip of the thumb. This mudra affects the water metabolism. It helps rehydrate cells, tissues, muscles, skin, joints, cartilage etc. The element water is associated with taste. This mudra is helpful in overcoming disorders like loss of taste and dryness of mouth.


varuna mudra


This mudra can be used to overcome following disorders:

Dryness of the eyes

Dryness of the digestive tract

Dry cough

Dryness of the skin leading to cracks, psoriasis

Degeneration of joint cartilage

Osteo arthritis

Anaemia and cramps

Deficiency of harmones

Loss of taste, other tongue disorders

Burns, pimples, itching and all skin diseases

This mudra helps in removing dryness from the body and adds tenderness, glow and beauty to the skin

It is beneficial in removing impurities present in the blood

This mudra preserves youthfulness

Unconsciousness due to sunstroke, accidents or over crowdedness can be cured by rubbing the tips of the thumbs and the tips of the little fingers of the unconscious person

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