Karakas or Significators in Vedic Astrology



Karaka means significator, which means one who is responsible for the particular event or the factor. Karakatwa is the duty assigned to a karaka (planet). There are many types of karakas in vedic astrology as explained by Sage Parashara and others.

There are mainly two types of karakas on broader sense. They are: House or Bhava karakatwa and Planetary karakatwa.

Bhava/House Karakatwa: Every house from 1 to 12 have been assigned different significations. So a particular event or signification is determined by the strength of that particular house/bhava. Here are the list of karakatwas assigned for each house. Please note that these are only the important significations, there are many other factors also.

1st House:            Tanu Bhava – Personality, Physique, Overall life

2nd House:          Dhana Bhava – Wealth, Family, Food, Speech

3rd House:           Sahaja Bhava – Co-borns, Courage, Valour

4th House:           Sukha Bhava – Happiness, Mother, Vehicles, Land, Domestic                                             .                                Environment

5th House            Putra Bhava – Children, Past life, Creativity, Romance

6th House            Ari Bhava – Disease, Enemy, Resistance power, Competition

7th House            Kalatra Bhava – Marriage, Spouse, Partnerships

8th House            Aayu Bhava – Longecity, Inheritance, Type of death

9th House            Dharma Bhava – Dharma, Luck, Father, Religion

10th House          Karma Bhava – Profession, Activity, power, Livelihood

11th House           Labha Bhava – Gains, Fame, Elder brother

12th House           Vyaya Bhava – Expenditure, Foreign visit, spirituality, Moksha

Planetary Karakatwas: Here each planet has been assigned certain duties for itself. Based on the position and strength of the planet, it gives result. Below are the significations for all the planets.

Sun – Soul, self, self-realisation, prestige, power, ego, right eye, heart, heat, well-being, father, king, fame, honour, electricity, royal favour etc.

Moon – Emotions, mind, mother, left eye, liquid, Heart, sleep, happiness, travel, milk, pearls

Mars – Courage, valour, anger, desire, weapons, younger brother, strength, scandals, controversies, injuries by burns and weapons, police, defence, engineering etc.

Mercury – education, Communication, speech, intelligence, mathematics, logic, writing, astrology, publishing, memory, business, analytical thinking, politics, drama, precious stones, maternal uncle etc.

Jupiter – Knowledge, wisdom, devotion, philosophy, learning, wealth, teacher, children, banking, respect, religious perception, family, fortune, elder brother, husband, body fat, holy places, donation etc.

Venus – Beauty, fame, marriage, wife, sexual matters, jewellery, ornaments, sensual pleasures, singing, flowers, buying & selling, vehicles, perfumes, dance, music etc

Saturn – Longevity, profession, karma, death, life, adversity, conduct, service, disease, poverty, trouble, losses, theft, servants, old age, dishonour, imprisonment, grief, oils, agriculture, west direction etc.

Rahu – Gambling, mystery, foreign, snake bite, accidents, poison, skin disease, harsh speech, fallacious arguments, travelling, theft, wickedness, widow, swelling in the body, pilgrimage, paternal grandfather etc.

Ketu – Occult science, detachment, moksha, consumption, pain, wound, dog, birds, maternal grandfather, imprisonment etc.

These are also called as sthira karakas. These significations are fixed or permanent irrespective of the horoscope.

Chara Karaka: According to Jaimini school of astrology, based on the position of planets in a horoscope, the order of significations changes. Accordingly in chara karaka scheme of arrangements, the significations depends on the longitude of the planet in a particular sign. It is determined by finding how much a planet has moved in a sign. So significators are different for each horoscope.

A planet with highest degree of longitude is called as Atmakaraka. Atmakaraka planet determines the significations of soul, self. The planet with next higher degree is called as amatya karaka and represents intellect, profession. Planet with next higher degree is Bhratru karaka and represents siblings. Next is Matru karaka which represents mother. Next planet is Pitru karaka which represents father. Next planet is for Putra karaka who represents children. Next planet is Gnati karaka is for enemy, disease. Planet with lowest degree is Dara karaka who represents spouse.

There are two school of thoughts. One considers like above eight sets of karakas. Others consider only seven karakas excluding Pitru karaka.

When two planets are having same longitude, both of them are qualified for that karakatwa. In this case last karakatwa should be assigned to Venus (natural significator) for marriage etc.

Karaka for 12 Houses

Every house is represented by some planets in terms of karakatwas. They are:

1st House     –  Sun

2nd House   –  Jupiter

3rd House  –  Mars

4th House  – Moon

5th House  – Jupiter

6th House  – Mars

7th House  – Venus

8th House  – Saturn

9th House  – Jupiter

10th House  – Sun, Jupiter, Mercury

11th House  – Jupiter, Mercury

12th House  –  Saturn

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    What are the significances of Rahu as AK and Venus as AMK? Is there any post where the significance of each of the planets as AK, AMK, BK, etc. explained.

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