Predicting Health and Diseases based on Medical Astrology


Medical Astrology

Everyone wants to live healthy. But circumstances makes the person to suffer in life. It may be Karma or present life style, which causes a person to suffer. Due to certain conditions,  planets sit in a chart causing problems. When we analyse the horoscope for health, we have to relate planets and houses. Each house from Aries to Pisces and all the planets affect health of the native. But certain houses will impact more based on the affliction on it.

First house or Ascendant is very important in analysing any matter. It represents full body and resistance power of the native. If the ascendant is strong, the native can withstand anything in life. If ascendant and its lord is weak or afflicted, then the native may have less resistance power. Another house to study for the diseases is the 6th house. Any affliction in 6th house/lord or the planets posited in 6th house can cause problems in organs related to it. And again 8th house determines longevity of the native. Any afflictions in this house may create problems for the native. And finally 12th house is the house of hospitalisation. One should study this house also for any afflictions.

Below are the body parts and related diseases with respect to each house. Any affliction in these houses and planets placed in these houses can cause such diseases to the native.

Ascendant or First House: First house of the horoscope denotes diseases related to head, brain such as diseases of the scalp, hair fall, injuries to the head, region of the cerebellum, nervous center in the head. Diseases like brain tumour, brain haemorrhage, blood rush in the head, tinnitus in the head, fits, epilepsy. Also mental imbalance, psychological syndromes, headache, loss of memory, getting periodic dreams, disturbance in the pattern in the mind.

Second House: It deals with the diseases of the face such as eyes, cataract, nose, tongue, dental, all types of ENT complications, thyroid glands, scars of the face, tartar and plaque problem in teeth, blindness and night blindness, tastelessness, dumbness, nasal problems, ulcers, diseases of the cheeks and jaws, stammering, speech problems etc.

Third House: It deals with neck, throat, shoulders. Deafness, all types of  ear problems, throat problems, diseases of shoulders like frozen shoulders and cervical sodalities, neck pain, throat cancer, communicative difficulties, disease to food pipe, vertigo, tinnitus and also fear psychosis.

Fourth House: It rules over chest region. Diseases related to lungs, heart diseases, cardiac bronchitis, respiratory problems, chest pain, breast problem, fluorosis, diseases of the ribs like softening of ribs, pneumonia.

Fifth House: It deals with the disease of the intestines, lower region of the heart, problems in womb, uterus, menstrual disorders, menopause, complications in bearing children, lower back pain.

Sixth House: It deals with the diseases related to spinal chord as slip disc, stomach, large intestine, liver, kidney problems, endocrine glands, digestive problems, constipation, acidity, stomach ulcer, colic infections, jaundice.

Seventh House: It deals with diseases related to urinary bladder, appendicitis, lower abdomen, prostate, problems in semen and naval region, sexual disorders, egg problems in females.

Eighth House: It deals with diseases related to private parts, gonorrhoea, syphilis, aids, piles, fistula, rectum cancer, disturbance in menstrual cycle, vaginal problems, death inflicting diseases, undetectable diseases, problems in excretory organs, also deals with accidents.

Ninth House: It rules over diseases related to thighs like pelvis bones and the pelvis region, diseases of the hips, bowel disease, low immunity and low haemoglobin.

Tenth House: It deals with the diseases in the region of knees, knee cap replacements, arthritis, problems in joints and bones, allergies.

Eleventh House: It is involved in diseases of the legs, getting cramps in the region of calf muscles, thrombosis and gangrene, problems in ankles, fracture in the lower part of the legs. problems to left ear.

Twelfth House: It rules over the diseases of the feet, dry skin of the feet, gangrene, problems to left eye, also hospitalisation of any kind.


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