Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse on 28th September 2015

There is one more eclipse happening in sky on 28th September 2015 which is Bhadrapada shukla Poornima according to Hindu calendar. This is sampoorna chandra grahan or Total Lunar eclipse where Earth is coming in between Sun and Moon. The eclipse is taking place in Meena rasi this time.

The total lunar eclipse is visible in USA, western Europe, West Africa. In India, it is visible in western part of Gujarat and Rajasthan during Moonset.


First contact with Penumbra – 5:45

First contact with Umbra – 6:40

Maximum lunar eclipse – 8:20

Last contact with Umbra – 9:55

Last contact with Penumbra – 10:55

Mantras during eclipse

It is advised to do japa and mantra chanting at this time. As Meena rasi people are more affected, they should do more sadhana. During eclipse, fasting is advisable. Meditation is very good during this time.

  • Mahamrityunjay Mantra
  • Mantras related to the planet, in which house the eclipse occurs
  • ‘Om namah shivay’ mantra
  • The Santana Gopala mantra for pregnant women

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