Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga


Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga

Mahapurusha means a great personality with unique capabilities. These are five different yogas formed under the dominant influence of five planets namely Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Luminaries (Sun and Moon), Rahu and Ketu are excluded. These yogas are formed with the placement of single planet which is responsible for the respective yoga. These yogas are very important yogas and should be given more importance while analysing the charts.

Pancha Mahapurusha yoga is formed when one of the planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn) is placed in exalted house or in its own house and it happens to be a kendra from lagna (ascendant). The strength of the yoga depends on the placement and strength of the respective planet. The strength is measured by the placement in Rasi and Navamsa, shadbala and astrakavarga strength. Each of the panch mahapurusha yoga will give different results based on the characteristics of the planets associated. These are very powerful rajayogas, which can give native very powerful life with wealth, name, fame etc. The natives with these yogas can rise to very high position with success. happiness and bliss. Again, dasa and antardasa periods of the said planets will be exceptionally good for the native.

There may be chances that a person can have more than one mahapurusha yogas in his/her birth chart. According to Phala Deepika, the person with one such yoga will be fortunate, with two such yogas will be equal to a king, with with three yogas he will be a king, four yogas makes him sovereigns (emperor) and with five such yogas superior than an emperor.

The five Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas are . 1. Ruchaka Yoga by Mars 2. Bhadra Yoga by Mercury 3. Hamsa Yoga by Jupiter 4. Malavya Yoga by Venus 5. Shasha Yoga by Saturn.

1. Ruchaka Yoga: Ruchaka Yoga is formed when Mars is positioned in exalted house (Makara) or in its own house which are Mesha and Vrischika and is located in a kendra (quadrant) from lagna (ascendant). It can only possible when the lagna is a movable or fixed sign and not on dual sign.

According to Phala Deepika, the person with Ruchaka Yoga has a long face, he acquires wealth by performing courageous deeds, he will be full of valour and powerful, will conquer his enemies and will be arrogant. He will become famous by virtue of merits and will be commander of an army and will be successful in all his ventures.

Mars represents courage, bravery, energy, valour, quarrel. Mars instils dominance, adventurous behaviour which may result sometimes in physical suffering and injury, A strong Mars provides physical strength. Also the native will be good looking and handsome. He will have a prominent face, dark hair and sharp eyes. He will get success due to his courage, will have even body, dark colour. The native will be warrior, destroyer of enemies, voice will be sharp. He can be a good minister, will be expert in wars and tantric practices.

It makes the native devoted to elders, preceptors. He will be well versed in sacred hymns and skilled in science. He may have scars in the body from fire, injuries or surgical operations. He will live for 70 years.

2. Bhadra Yoga: Bhadra yoga is formed when Mercury is positioned in exalted house of Virgo or in its own house of Gemini and that happens to be a kendra from lagna. It can only be formed if the lagna is in a dual or dwi swabhava rashi.

According to Phala Deepika, the person with Bhadra Yoga at birth will be long loved. He will be intelligent, will be clean with pure thoughts and clean body, praised by learned persons, very rich and prosperous and eloquent in his speeches.

According to Mansagari, the native will have appearance like a lion, his gait will be like an elephant, fat thighs, broad chest, round shape, fat arms, sexy, soft cheeks, learned, hands and feet like lotus flower, strong, expert in yoga.

According to Jataka Parijata, the native will have face of the tiger, majestic gait of the elephant with a broad chest, commanding stature, long arms and be like a king. He is diligently devoted to the welfare of kinsmen and his well wishers. He will live up to 80 years and enjoy commanding position. He will earn fame and wealth.

Mercury is the planet of intellect and in the consonance with the inherent nature of Mercury, Bhadra yoga will manifest. The stress here is on learning, intelligence and logical mind. The native earns status and wealth with his intelligence and knowledge.

3. Hamsa Yoga: Hamsa yoga is formed when Jupiter is positioned in exalted house of Cancer or in its own house of Sagittarius or Pisces and is located in kendra from the lagna. This yoga cannot be formed if the lagna is in fixed signs.

According to Phala Deepika,  the person born with Hamsa Yoga at birth, will be a king, a high political or government dignitary respected by good people. He will have in his hands and feet marks of conch, lotus, fish and ankusha. His body will be beautiful, will eat delicious food and will be virtuous.

According to Mansagari, the person will have reddishness on face, beautiful nose, feet, all his senses (karmendriyas) will be beautiful like swan, broad forehead, white colour, will have reddish fingers, sweet voice, phlegm tendencies, will have marks of conch, chain of beads (mala), earthen pitch on his hands and feet, his eyes will be having colour of honey, and a beautiful round head.

According to Jataka Parijata, the native will have good fortune, redness on face and a prominent nose, well formed legs, fair limbed, voice of the swan and will have a beautiful wife. He is so lovable as the God of love, will have all comforts at his command, will have great desire to acquirer knowledge of sacred scriptures, have great merits, will live up to 82 years, beneficent and devoted to virtues.

The native will have thirst for knowledge and sacred scriptures. He will be a good teacher, advisor, he will always try to do good to others and will have good physical form. The native will have spiritual bent of mind with broad mind and selflessness qualities. The general principle of kendradhipati dosha will be lost due to Hamsa yoga.

4. Malavya Yoga: Malavya Yoga is formed when Venus is positioned in the exalted house of Pisces or in its own house of Taurus and Libra and is located in a kendra from Lagna.

According to Phala Deepika, the person born in Malavya yoga will have strong limbs, will be very rich, blessed with wife, children and good fortune. He will be prosperous, will enjoy pleasures of life, will possess good vehicles and become renowned and learned. He will have imperturbed senses.

According to Jataka Parijata, the person will have gesture, graceful body, eyes like a female, handsome, meritorious, powerful, will be blessed with children, wife, vehicles and wealth. He studies and understands the sacred scriptures, he is learned, clever in the application of energy, capacity to counsel, liberal mind, addicted to other women and will live up to 77 years of his age.

According to Mansagari, the person will have thin lips, all round healthy body, reddish colour body, strong joints, thin waist, shining like the Moon , long nose, beautiful cheeks, shining eyes, capable of maintaining dignity and victory in war, long arms touching knees, such person will live up to 70 years like a king.

Venus with Malavya yoga gives the native rich, happy life with name and fame. Venus provides conveyances, sensual pleasures, music, dancing, fine arts, luxury and all material comforts. The native will be bent towards materialistic way of life.

5. Shasha Yoga or Sasa Yoga: Shasha yoga is formed when Saturn is positioned in the exalted house of Libra or in its own house of Capricorn or Aquarius and has to in kendra from lagna. The yoga cannot be formed with a lagna in a dual signs.

According to Phala Deepika, the person with Shasha yoga will be acclaimed by all, have good servants, will be strong, will be the head of a village or a king. He will be wicked by nature and will associate with women not his own. He will be inclined to use others wealth and will be happy.

According to Jataka Parijata, the native will be a king, a minister, haunting in woods and mountains, cruel hearted, bountiful, will have wrathful eyes, would deceive in his eager pursuit of metallurgy, devoted to his mother, brave, will live up to 70 years.

According to Mansagari, the person will be strong, wicked nature, associate with women, inclination to use others wealth, will be happy and be acclaimed by all.He will have small teeth and small face, will be inhabitant of mountains, he will be fond of living in far off places, forests, forts, will have middle structure of body.


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