Anapha Yoga


Anapha Yoga

Moon is considered as mind in Vedic astrology. Normally mind is very volatile in nature. As we know Moon expands and contracts in space as perceived from Earth. True to its nature, the mind also changes its nature. In astrology also, the Moon needs some support from other planets for stable mind. It is preferable to have planets near Moon in the chart for better results. If it is sitting alone in a horoscope without any planets in either side of the Moon, then the mind will be fluctuating and it leads to Kemadruma yoga

When a planet other than the Sun occupies the twelfth house from the Moon, it results into the Anapha Yoga. There can be some 31 different permutations of Anapha Yoga possible. Sunapha yoga is more of accumulating and possessing wealth, as there are planets in 2nd house from moon. Anapha yoga is more stressed on expenditure and enjoyment, as it is formed due to the planets in 12th house from Moon. Accordingly, the native born with Anapha yoga will be healthy, generous, renowned, orator, like to spend more, pleasant in looks, happy, likes enjoyment.


According to Parashara, one born with Anapha yoga will be a king, be free from diseases, virtuous, famous, charming and happy.

According to Phaladeepika, the person will be powerful, will enjoy good health, and will have sweet temperament. He will be famous and all worldly comforts will be available to him. He will be well dressed, contended and happy.

According to Varahamihira, the native will be strong, capable, will have sound body, famous, will be fond of wearing beautiful garments, will be gentle.

Anapha yoga can be formed by one or more of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are placed in 12th house from Moon. So the result will depend on the planet associated.

If Anapha yoga is formed due to the placement of Mars in 12th house from Moon, the native will be a actor, leader of thieves, respected, bold, hurts everyone, has valour, jealous, inflexible nature.

If Anapha yoga is formed with Mercury, the native will be skilled in music, will be a writer, good in music, poetry, will have attractive face.

If Jupiter forms Anapha yoga, the native will have wisdom and intellect, will have strength, energetic, learned, famous.

If Venus forms Anapha yoga, the native will be in the company of other sex, very handsome, beautiful, will amass gold, adulterous.

If Anapha yoga is due to Saturn, the native will have long arms, rich in possession of animals, catles, enjoys the company of wicked women, will have many qualities, virtuous.

The result of the yoga is modified due to the aspect and association from other planets. Also the lordship of the houses and strength of the planets alter the results. We have to take considerations of all these factors while analysing. If Sun is close to Moon, then the effect of the yoga will be reduced. Same way conjunction of Rahu and Ketu with any planet can modify the yoga.

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