Durudhara Yoga


Duradhara Yoga

Durudhara yoga is formed when planets other than Sun occupy both second and twelfth houses from the Moon. It is a balanced yoga compared to Sunapha and Anapha yoga. As we know, Sunapha yoga is formed when planets are placed in only second house and Anapha yoga is formed when planets are placed in only 12th house, resulting in the native to emphasize more on possessing wealth and spending or giving respectively. So Durudhara yoga is the combination of both the yogas.

Durudhara yoga caused by benefic planets are more powerful than the malefic planets. There are totally 180 combinations of Durudhara yogas can be formed. The result depends on the placement of the Moon and respective planets in the horoscope.


According to Parashara, the native will be charitable and endowed with wealth, conveyances, enjoy pleasures.

According to Phaladeepika, the native will enjoy all comforts of life like a ruler and will own abundant wealth and vehicles. He will be generous and will be attended to by faithful servants.

According to Varahamihira, he will be happy with his achievements, will have wealth and conveyances, will give charity and have more servants.

Different Combinations

If Durudhara yoga is formed due to the placement of Mercury and Jupiter in both sides of Moon, the native will have deep faith in religion, well versed in scriptures, highly renowned, will have control over senses, enjoys all kind of happiness, charitable in nature, good speaker.

If Mercury and Venus forms this yoga, the native will have beautiful body, sweet voice, interest in music, poetry, brave and courageous.

If Jupiter and Venus forms this yoga, the native will be wealthy, will have stable, steady mind, love gold and precious stones, blessed with wisdom and skilled.

If Mars and Mercury, the native will be a liar, very wicked, will be very rich, addicted to old women, expert in many fields.

If Mars and Jupiter, the native will be famous, will protect subordinates, wealthy, can be short tempered and greedy, earn respect, hard working.

If Mars and Venus, the native will be fortunate, blessed with a beautiful wife, very skilful, passionate, enjoys pleasures.

If Mars and Saturn, the native will be hot tempered, will have many enemies, jealous, enjoys sensual pleasures, saves lot of money.

If Mercury and Saturn, the native will visit foreign countries, will not be slave to wealth, respected, well educated, use logical mind, respected by others but inimical to close people.

If Jupiter and Saturn, the native will be happy, learned in many sciences, wealthy, good looking, humble, will be handsome, beautiful.

If Venus and Saturn, the native will be very mature, wife will be older in age, clever, rich, well educated, believe in family traditions.

The result of the yoga is modified due to the aspect and association from other planets. Also the lordship of the houses and strength of the planets alter the results. We have to take considerations of all these factors while analysing. If Sun is close to Moon, then the effect of the yoga will be reduced. Same way conjunction of Rahu and Ketu with any planet can modify the yoga.

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