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Kemadruma Yoga

Kemadruma Yoga is one very important yoga which specifically deals with the Mind. This is one of the inauspicious yoga or dosha in astrology. It is believed that this dosha makes the native poor. But if we explore this statement further, we can see that it is not poor in terms of financially but poor in terms intellectual capabilities and much more.

In Vedic astrology, Moon place very big role. To study the ‘present’ moment for the native astrologers always take Moon sign or rashi of the native. To study auspicious and inauspicious time from transit of the planets, we study from the position of Moon in a horoscope. Mind is represented by Moon in astrology. Mind in very volatile in nature. In horoscope, moon affects mind and thought process. The Moon determines one’s mental structure and psychology of the native. Astronomically also, Moon is the fastest moving planet and it changes its form and size every day as perceived from earth. So naturally this affects the mind. Moon is like water. Water never stays unless it is held by some other support. Same way mind needs some support from other sources to control its flow. Same way the uncontrolled mind is very dangerous because the native will not have any fixed frame of thoughts. He will be very unpredictable.

So the Mind needs some support from other sources or planets. Otherwise it leads to an inauspicious yoga called ‘Kemadruma Yoga’. So this yoga forms when there are no planets (except Sun) placed in 2nd and 12th houses from the Moon. So it is as good as saying absence of Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara yogas.

But there are many ways this dosha can be reduced. When planets aspect Moon, especially by benefic planets, the result of the dosha will be reduced substantially. The aspecting planet plays a big role in shaping the natives mind. The aspecting planet will provide the characteristics to the Moon based on its lordship in a horoscope. The dosha gets enhanced when Moon gets posited in fiery signs.

What Scriptures say about Kemadruma Yoga?

According to Parasara, the native will face disappointments, will not be intelligent and educated, will be poor and suffer miseries.

According to Phaladeepika, the native even if he belongs to a royal family, will become unknown and will lead a miserable life, he will be addicted to immoral ways, will face poverty, will be a menial and will be wickedly disposed.

According to Maansagari, the native will be mean, sorrowful, poor, lives without wife and in other countries, faces difficulties. will be servant of others, does charity.

According to Varahamihira, the native will be dirty, sorrowful, dependent, no clear thoughts, poor.

In general we can say, the native with the Kemadruma yoga, does not have a sense of purpose in life, he lacks mental activity, he may lack concentration in any of the work, or it may also leads to over activity without planning and structure. Anybody can manipulate the person with Kemadruma yoga very easily, because he does not have the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong for himself. Because of all these factors he may not be able to have a cordial relationships with family and friends, which makes him lonely in life.

Kemadruma Bhanga or Cancellations

Some of the rules may not cancel the dosha completely, but to some extent.

– If the Moon is placed in a Kendra and  if in any planets are posited with the Moon, the Kemadruma dosha gets cancelled.

– Presence of planets in kendra from the Moon

– If Planets aspect the Moon

– If the Moon occupies in navamsa chart in its exaltation position or in its own house.

– If Moon is exalted in 10th house and aspected by a benefic

– If Moon is posited in the houses of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury with their association

Remedies for Kemadruma Yoga

The person with Kemadruma yoga should be very careful in decision making especially in financial matters. He should not run business on its own. He can find a business partner who does not have a kemadruma yoga and has good dhana yogas. Also, do not get into an serious argument with closed ones.

One should try to be calm, peaceful by doing Yoga and Meditation daily. Regular Pranayam helps a lot. In terms of Mudras one can do Jnana Mudra, Prana Mudra etc.

Other remedies:

Chant the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’ daily in the morning times. (Especially good before sunrise).

Worship Lord Shiva

Chant Rudra Mantra

Keep a Shree Yantra or Chandra Yantra and do pooja

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