Raja Yoga in Astrology



Raja Yoga in Astrology

Raja Yogas are very auspicious yogas which can take the native to very high status. Raja means ‘a king’. Rajayoga not necessarily make everyone a king, but they make the person to rise to a very high status like a king. There are many kinds of Rajayogas occur with different combinations of the planets. These yogas have to be carefully analysed. Generally we will see one or two Rajayogas in the horoscopes. But it doesn’t mean the natives will have an extraordinary life. There are people who have Raja yoga present in their chart, but they are struggling to meet their basic needs. So it is necessary to carefully study all the positive and negative factors associated with said Raja Yoga.

Rajayoga will be formed with the help of Kendra (quadrant) and Trikona (Trine) lords in a chart. Kendra houses are 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses and Trikona houses are 1st, 5th and 9th. (1st house is both kendra and trikona house). According to Vedic astrology, the kendra sthanas are called as ‘Vishnu sthanas’ or the abode of Lord Vishnu. Similarly, Trikona sthanas are called as ‘Lakshmi Sthanas’ or place of Goddess Lakshmi. Kendra provides sustenance and trikona houses provides fortune and prosperity. When the lords of Kendra houses and Trikona houses are associated in certain conditions will create a very auspicious Rajayoga. Sage Parashara is of the view that Rajayoga can be formed when kendra and trikona lords are posited in one sign, in each other’s sign, aspecting each other and are in opposition. Rajayogas can also be formed with certain placement of planets like exaltation, Mooltrikona etc.

Different combinations in formation of a Raja Yoga by Kendra and Trikona lords

There are many combinations possible to form a Rajayoga with the mutual relationship between planets. They are:

  1. The lord of the lagna associated with fourth lord or fifth lord or seventh lord, ninth lord or tenth lord totalling to five combinations.
  2. The lord of the fourth associated with 5th lord or 9th lord with two combinations.
  3. The 5th lord which is associated with 7th lord and 10th lord which forms two combinations.
  4. The 7th lord which is associated with the 9th lord which forms one combination.
  5. Finally, the lord of 9th house is associated with lord of 10th house.

So totally eleven different Rajayoga combinations are possible with mutual association of kendra and trikona houses.

Some of the important forms of Rajayogas

Rajayoga from Yogakaraka planet: If a yogakaraka planet is creating a Rajayoga, then the resulting yoga will be very strong raja yoga. The yogakaraka means a planet which owns both kendra and trikona houses in a chart. For ex: For Taurus lagna, Saturn owns both 9th and 10th houses, thus becoming yogakaraka planet. When a yogakaraka planet is associated with other benefic planet, the result will be enhanced.

Dharma-Karmadhipathi Rajayoga (DKRY): When 9th lord (Dharma) and 10th lord (Karma) are conjunct and are placed in an auspicious house, then this yoga forms. Note: 9th house is  the strongest trikona house and 10th house is the strongest kendra house.

From Atmakaraka and Putrakaraka: Rajayoga can also be formed when the Atmakaraka and putrakarake are in lagna, 5th house and in exaltation or own signs or in own navamsa and aspected by a benefic.(Atmakaraka is a planet with highest degree in a chart and Putrakaraka is having 5th highest degree).

From different lagnas: When a planet aspects the lagna, hora lagna and ghatika lagna (all the three), then also Rajayoga is produced.

These are the some combinations which produce Rajayoga. There are many other types of placements and combinations which can lead to Rajayogas.


As said earlier, the effectiveness of the yoga depends on many factors. The yoga producing planets should be placed with strength. It should have good shadbala points, should not be associated with debilitated or dusthana lords. It should not be in gandanta position or other negative points in chart. The strength of the yoga should be analysed by considering all the above factors.

If the yoga has strength, the native will be very fortunate, successful in all the works, possess leadership skills, people look up to him for any advice, earn success and fame, wealthy, can be associated with government or can even become a minister or higher government official, he will be associated with intellectuals, can be a businessman with high repute. These natives cannot do any menial work and wants to be a decision makers.

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