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Adhi Yoga

When the benefic planets namely Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, occupy 6th, 7th and 8th houses from the Moon or the Lagna (ascendant) a strong yoga called Adhi Yoga occurs. If it is formed because of the Moon, it is called as Chandra-Adhi Yoga and if is formed from Lagna, it is referred to as Lagna-Adhi Yoga. Note that here 6th and 8th houses are dusthana houses. When benefic planets situated in these houses the results are favourable.

The resultant yoga will depend on the position of the Moon and the planets mentioned above. The planets should be strong, not combust, without malefic association and with good shadbala strength. But malefic planets may not spoil the yoga completely. For ex. malefics in 6th house are not a bad position.

According to Shrutakeerti, there can be seven types of Adhi yogas possible with benefics. They are:

Planets occupy 6th, 7th and 8th houses each

All the planets occupy 6th and 7th houses only

All the planets occupy 6th and 8th houses only

All the planets occupy 7th and 8th houses only

All the planets occupy 6th house only

All the planets occupy 7th house only

All the planets occupy 8th house only

However, some authors are of the view that Adhi Yoga will be formed only when all the three houses (6th, 7th and 8th houses) should be occupied by Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. None of the houses should be vacant. This combination will make highest degree of auspiciousness for the native. But it is not necessary that all the houses should be occupied by planets.

Results of the Yoga

The native with Adhi yoga can become a minister or a commander of army. The native will be prosperous, healthy, recognised from government, very influential, will have business skills, very competent, defeat enemies, possess leadership qualities.

Since 6th, 7th and 8th houses are involved in this yoga, the results will be related to these houses. When 6th and 8th houses are occupied by benefics, then automatically 7th house and planets in that will become shubha kartari. It will be good for marriage, partnerships, business dealings, competition, health, longevity. The native can try in competitive exams like IAS etc.

Adhi Yoga according to Scriptures

According to Brihat Parashara Hora,

शट्सप्तष्टगे सौ‍म्यलग्नाश्चचन्द्राश्च संस्थितॆ ।

पापद्रिग्यॊग्दिनेश्च सुखे शुधेधियॊग्यम् ।

the native with Adhi Yoga in the birth chart will become a king or minister or chief of an army.

According to Jataka Parijata, the native will be head of police or army, a minister or ruler. He will be prosperous, will overcome his foes and lives long and healthy.

According to Phaladeepika,

सौ‍म्यैरिन्दॊर्धून‍षड्गन्धसंस्थैस्तद्गल्लग्रात्संस्थितैर्वाधियॊग: ।

नॆता मंत्रि भूपति: स्यात्क्रमॆण ख्यात: श्रीमान्दीर्घजीवी मनस्वि ॥

आधियॊगभवॊ नरॆश्वर: स्थिरसंपद्बहुबन्धुपॊषक: ।

अमुना रिपव: पराजिताश्चिरमायुर्लभतॆ प्रसिद्धताम् ॥

The native will become lord of men, will always be wealthy, will have a large number of kinsmen and whom he will feed and will be victorious over his enemies.

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