Gauri Yoga in Astrology



Gauri Yoga

Gauri Yoga is formed when the Moon will be in own house or exaltation house identical with Kendra or Trikona houses and also be aspected by Jupiter.

Goddess Gauri blesses with fertility, protection, youthfulness. The native with Gauri yoga will have a beautiful body and will be a friend of the king. He will possess wealth, good qualities, blessed with children, will belong to an illustrious family and will be very successful. He will be generous and kind, will perform religious activities.

According to Phaladeepika,

स्वक्षॆच्चे यदि कोणकष्टकयुतौ भाग्येशशुक्रावुभौ

लक्ष्म्याख्योथ तथाविधे हिमकरे गौरीति जीवेक्षिते ॥

सुन्दरगात्र: लाघितगोत्र: पार्थिवमित्र: सद्गुणपुत्र: ।

पंकजवक्त्र: संस्तुतजैत्रो राजाति गौरीयोगसमुत्थ: ॥


According to Hindu scriptures, Goddess Gauri is the avatar of Goddess Parvati. She represents purity. She has been depicted as having golden or bright white/yellow skin, She is represented as the Goddess of fertility. She also represents rice and grains.  According to the legend, when Parvati fell in love with Lord Shiva, he found her as unattractive because of her dark skin. Devastated Parvati retreated to the forest. She underwent severe austerities to get the spiritual powers from Lord Brahma. With her relentless pursuit, Lord Brahma granted a boon. He took away the darkness and created the Goddess Kali, leaving behind Parvati with golden skin. She then became Goddess Gauri. We have to link the story to astrology.

Note: Unmarried girls can worship Goddess Gauri for marriage. Also, if there is any problems related to marriage, one can worship as a remedy.

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