Srikanta Yoga, Srinata Yoga and Virinchi Yoga


Srikantha Yoga


Srikantha, Srinatha and Virinchi Yogas are very important yogas in Vedic astrology. They are related to trimurtis, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

Mantreshwara in Phaladeepika says:

लग्नाधीश्वरभास्कराभृतकरा: केन्द्रत्रिकोणाश्रिता:

स्वेच्चस्वर्क्षसुहृद्‍गृहानुपगता: श्रीकण्ठयोगो भवेत् ।

तद्वद्भार्गवभाग्यनाथशशिजा: श्रीनाथयोग्यस्तथा

वागीशात्मपसूर्यजा यदि तदा वैरिञ्चियोगस्तथा: ॥

Srikanth Yoga

If the lord of the lagna (or ascendant), the Sun and the Moon being in their sign of exaltation or own house or in a friendly sign, occupy kendra or trikona house, the resulting yoga is called as Srikantha Yoga.

Srikantha is name of the Lord Shiva. Here Sun and Moon represents Lord Shiva and Parvati. Hence this yoga will be more related to spiritual aspect of life.

As per Phaladeepika,

रुद्राक्षाभरणो विभूतिधवलच्छायो महात्मा शिवम्

ध्यायत्यात्मनि सन्ततं सुनियम: शैवव्रते दीक्षित: ।

साधूनामुपकारक: परमतेष्वेवानसूयो भवेत्

तेजस्वी शिवपूजया प्रसुदित: श्रीकण्ठयॊगोद्भव: ॥

The person with Srikantha yoga at birth will wear Rudraksha rosaries and his body will look  like white shining covered with sacred ashes. He will be very liberal and will be constantly in meditation of Lord Shiva. He will regularly and rigidly perform the prescribed rites and will submerge himself in the worship of Lord Shiva. He will be a friend of the virtuous and will have no animosity against any other religious belief. He will become influential and his heart will be enlightened by the worship of Lord Shiva.

Srinatha Yoga

If Venus, the lord of the 9th and Mercury being in their sign of exaltation or own house or in a friendly house, occupy kendra or trikona houses, the resulting yoga is called as Srinatha Yoga.

Srinatha means consort of Sri (Goddess Lakshmi) which is the name of Lord Vishnu, the preserver. Here, Mercury and Venus represents Vishnu and Lakshmi, 9th house is luck and fortune.

According to Phaldeepika,

लक्ष्मीवान् सरसोक्तिचाटुनिपुणो नारायणाङ्काङ्कित:

तत्रामाङ्कितहृद्यपद्यमनिशं संकीर्तयन् सज्जनै: ।

तद्भक्तापचितो प्रसन्नवदन: सत्पुत्रदारान्वित:

सर्वेषां नयनप्रियोऽतिसुभग: श्रीनाथयोगोद्भव: ॥

The native with Srinatha yoga will be wealthy, splendorous and soft spoken. His manner of speaking will be pleasant and witful. He will be devotee of Lord Vishnu. He will be respected by others. He/she will be attractive, handsome/beautiful and will be blessed with virtuous wife/husband and noble children. Will have marks of Lord Narayana such as conch, chakra etc. in his body.

Virinchi Yoga

If Jupiter, the lord of the 5th and Saturn be placed in the sign of exaltation, own house or a friendly sign, occupy kendra or trikona, the yoga is called as Virinchi Yoga.

Virinchi is the name of Lord Brahma who is the creator. As the yoga is related to Lord Brahma and 5th house, the yoga is more related to intelligence, creativity.

According to Phaladeepika,

ब्रह्मज्ञानपरायणो बहुमतिर्वेदप्रधानो गुणी

हृष्टो वैदिकमार्गतो न चलति प्रख्यातशिष्यव्रज: ।

सौ‍म्योक्तिर्बहुवित्तदारतनय: सद्‍ब्रह्मतेजोज्वल-

न्दीर्घायुर्विजितेन्द्रियो नतनृपो वैरिञ्चियोगोद्भव: ॥

The native with Virinchi yoga at birth will be extremely intelligent. He will be fully absorbed in the knowledge of Lord Brahma. He will never deviate from the code of conduct prescribed by the Vedas. He will be full of good qualities and will always be happy at heart. He will have many distinguished disciples. He will be sweet and noble in his speech and will be blessed with much wealth, wife and children. He will shine with spiritual lustre. He will be long lived, will have complete control over his senses and will be revered by kings.

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