Sun in different signs or Rashis

Sun in different signs

Surya or Sun is the significator for soul, self, life, light, father, authority, power, creativity, fame, eyesight  The effects of the Sun will be different in 12 signs of the zodiac.

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Sun in Aries or Mesha

Aries sign is a fiery and movable sign. Aries is about initiation, aggression, starting of a venture etc. The person will have full of activities in this life. Ego will be at the peak point here. They will take charge of their life and very committed, responsible in their approach. They will have a strong will power and ready to take challenges. They can take up any task however difficult it may look. For them body is the first priority, they take good care of their body. They are courageous, adventurous and task oriented people and at the same time they may be impatient people. They will be involved in social and welfare activities. They may be phlegmatic and have strong body structure. They may suffer from the diseases connected with blood. They may be interested in learning scriptures.

Sun in Taurus or Vrishabha

Vrishabha is a fixed sign and it is earthy sign. The person with Sun in Taurus will be very practical and committed in his approach. They will be patient and determined as a person. They can be effective communicators but sometimes they speak harshly. They know how to manage their money and also they can be good advisors in financial matters. So they can be good bankers or money lenders. But its lord Venus is enemy to Sun. As Taurus is the sign of accumulation, passion, sensual pleasures and Sun may not feel very comfortable in this sign. Sun here feels that it is working against his own true nature. Because of this conflict of energies, the person will feel dejected and suffer. Also Taurus is a reasonable and down to earth sign, here Sun’s ego will be crushed They will be fond of music, perfumes, decorative items, beautiful garments.

Sun in Gemini or Mithuna

Gemini is an ambitious sign. Sun in Gemini will make the person to create something extraordinary which helps everyone. Gemini is the 3rd house in natural zodiac. It is about communication. Sun here makes the person to communicate very effectively. Communication is not only about oral, it can be in many different ways. It is the transferring of thoughts and ideas. Gemini is a dual sign. There are many things happens simultaneously. The person will tend to think from many angles like playing in a chess board. Sun in Gemini can create writers, bloggers, astrologers, entrepreneurs, mathematicians, scholars etc. However we have to see the strength of Mercury as well. On a negative side, Gemini is about duality, it is about changing from one extreme to another. So Sun may not be very comfortable in this idea. Also if Mercury is weak in the chart, then the communication itself becomes burden for them, they may get embarrassed because of their communication.

Sun in Cancer or Kataka

Cancer is an emotional sign. Cancer is a watery and movable sign. The person will become very emotional, moody. He will not be of steady mind. They may be intuitive, psychic person. They will be emotional towards father. Father will have a big role in their upbringing. They will be sensitive towards their surroundings. they may be emotionally attached to home and family. They will nourish others and take good care of others. As soul is sitting in a watery sign, the person will seek out for spiritual cravings. As Sun is the lord of Leo and sitting in 12th thereof, it loses its significance of respective house matters. They may be troubled due to imbalance of phlegm and bile.

Sun in Leo or Simha

Leo is the royal sign. Leo is the own house for Sun. The people with Sun in Leo are very courageous, confident and bold. They are firm in decision making, hardworking and enthusiastic. They are independent in action and thoughts and they don’t depend on anybody. They have their own set of beliefs and thoughts and they wants everyone to follow them blindly. Sometimes others feel them as too dominant. They may be employed in Government or they are good as businessman. It will be difficult for them to be working under someone else. They may be of lineage or clan of kings or of people with authority.

Sun in Virgo or Kanya

They will be very practical people. Emotions will take back seat in Virgo. They will have organising capabilities, perfection for details. They will do good in research fields. They can become mathematicians, scientists etc. They are very sharp and see everything in detail. Because of which sometimes they will become critical of others. Sun in Virgo is going towards its debilitation sign, here self will become weak and manipulative. They may become selfish and cunning. They may become workaholic. They will be skilled in scriptures, song writing, poets, writer. Virgo is the 6th house in natural zodiac. It is about disease and its healing. So they can also become healers.

Sun in Libra or Tula

LIbra is a balanced sign. It is a airy and movable sign. Sun is debilitated in this sign which means Sun is not very comfortable in the house. But there are many other factors which can cancel its debilitation. People with this position will be attractive, very practical in their approach. They are liked by all. Libra is about balancing, it is about depending on others for self image. Libra is 7th house in natural zodiac. 1st house is all about self and 7th house is all about others or losing the self. So Sun is not comfortable in this sign. Sun doesn’t like to be losing its ego. The person will be of less proud of himself, they will have low self esteem, less confidence. They may not have a good relationship with the father.

Sun in Scorpio or Vrischika

Scorpio is a secretive sign. It deals with secrets, deep research, unknown things, underground, death etc. The person with the Sun position would like to go deep into the subject. They will not believe on the surface, they would like to investigate deeper if in doubt. They may have fear of unknown like ghosts etc. They are also very sensitive people. They can be very intense as a person. They may be short tempered, cruel, reckless, stubborn, unprincipled. They sometimes become over passionate and indulge in lust. They will become cunning, mischievous etc. The position will be good for medical & research field, lawyers etc.

Sun in Sagittarius or Dhanus

Sagittarius is Guru’s house. Sun will be comfortable in this house. It is a fiery sign and suits well for Sun’s abilities. The person will be of fiery nature with immense energy, stamina, power. They will follow the rules prescribed in their religion. They are quick in thinking or actions like an arrow and they expect same thing from others as well. They cannot tolerate laziness. They always interested in learning and expanding their knowledge. They will have immense respect to parents and teachers. They can become teachers or preachers. Here Sun’s ego will be controlled because they follow their teacher or guru and a Guru only can guide a person in controlling one’s ego. The father of the person can be a teacher as well. Normally they will have very cordial relationship with father. Also note that Jupiter in the horoscope should be in strength to get all the benefic results.

Sun in Capricorn or Makara

Capricorn is 10th sign in the natural zodiac and its lord is Saturn. Saturn is about hard work, discipline. Sun signifies ruler while Saturn signify servant. When Sun goes into this house, there becomes some conflict. Sun does not like hard work, rather it likes to rule others. It can create problems to the native. Such natives will be stubborn, ignorant, boring, unhappy. They can also be greedy, fickle minded. They will be disciplined, hard working individuals. Usually they resist for change and they like tradition and established code. They will take responsibility at highest level  and they will complete the given task at any cost.

Sun in Aquarius or Kumbha

Aquarius sign is also ruled  by Saturn. Here Aquarius becomes 7th house from the house Leo. But Capricorn becomes 6th house from Leo. So the malefic effect will be more in Capricorn than Aquarius.  And also Sun aspects its own house from Aquarius. The native with Sun in Aquarius will have enormous strength, courage. They may be involved in social work. They will be hardworking and sincere. They may be very self centered. They also will be wicked, short tempered, interested in mean work. They may not have sympathy towards others and they may cause trouble to others. They can become manipulative also.There can be some strained relationship with father.

Sun in Pisces or Meena

Sun is the soul, self. Pisces in the natural liberation house in astrology. So Sun finds its true self here. The purpose of the soul is to get to the higher self or divinity. The primary goal of the native here is not about material possession rather of spiritual growth. It is a watery sign, the expressions flow very smoothly here. They will become peaceful, learned, intelligent, spiritual. They are liked by all especially from opposite sex. They will be endowed with all the wealth and happiness. They have open mind of understanding others. They can become counsellors or healers as they are sensitive and understand others better. They can give better solutions for the problems. They will have artistic capabilities.


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