Jupiter in Vedic Astrology (Guru in Jyotish)


Jupiter is known as Brihaspati, where ‘Brihat’ means big or vast and ‘Pati’ means protector. Hence Brihaspati means big protector. He is also referred to as Guru, Jeeva, Daiva, Sura Guru and Deva Guru. Jupiter is considered as biggest benefic planet in Vedic astrology.

Jupiter signify knowledge, wisdom. Jupiter is known for ‘Dharmic’ and Spiritual knowledge. Jupiter’s knowledge is ‘Paramarthika’ , Brahma jnana, spiritual knowledge, It bestows the knowledge of cosmic force and it also induce the knowledge of moksha or salvation. That is the reason it is assigned with 9th and 12th houses of natural zodiac (Kalapurusha) which represents religious and spiritual knowledge respectively.

Jupiter signify ‘Akasha tatwa’ which means upper sky whose horizon is infinite. Same way the house posited by Jupiter and aspected by him will expand or develop in a big manner. Likewise, the significations or karakatwas of the planets are enhanced when they are in conjunction with Jupiter. Jupiter is the big planet and signify big, vast, huge etc. Anything concerned  with Jupiter will end up in big such as body, wealth, association, employment etc. For example, if Jupiter in 1st house, the body will be bulky and so on.

In Muhurta (Electional Astrology) system also Jupiter plays a very important place. While fixing Muhurta, aspect of Jupiter on muhurta lagna or lord can ward off many doshas or evil effects. Jupiters association is known to give ‘Daiva bala’. Similarly, in Prashna chart also Jupiter plays important role. The aspect of Jupiter on prashna lagna or lagnadhipathi or on the 11th house of prashna chart will fulfil the desire of the questioner.

Astrological Significations

Jupiter signify children, wealth, minister, male, sweets, ghee, cotton, turmeric, yellow sapphire, teacher, knowledge, yoga, vedas, spirituality, spiritual texts, grammar, virtuous, apartments and higher floors, truthful, divinity, north east direction, community head, priest, cash counters, satwik, phlegm, bengal gram, fat, rig veda, sound.

Jupiter owns Sagittarius and Pisces, Moola trikona house is Sagittarius, exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. Vimshottari dasha period of Jupiter is 16 years. His friends are Sun, Moon and Mars; enemies are Mercury and Venus; Saturn is neutral.

Number of japas to be recited is 19000, number of homas to be performed are 1900 and tarpanas are 190. He represents Ashwatha tree, curd rice, yellow sevanthi flower, shikhagni. Nama japa is ‘Om Gurave Namaha’, Nama japa to be performed daily is 1008. The gift to be given is golden yellow silk cloth.

Body parts ruled by Jupiter – Phlegm, blood, thighs, flesh, fat, arterial system, liver

In Mythology

Jupiter is called as Brihaspati in Indian mythology. He is the son of Angiras. Jupiter is said to be born in Sindhu desha, on Angirasa samvatsara, Vaishakha shuddha Ekadashi in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra in the gotra of Angirasa. His wife name is Tara. His body colour is golden, having four hands and north in the graha mandala. His chariot is of golden colour. Mandala is deergha chatarasrakara. His vehicle is Pandurashva. Shakti devata is Shankari, adhi devata is Indra, pratyadhi devata is Brahma and abhimana devata is Vishnu and Rudra.

In astronomy

Jupiter is the largest planet. It is bigger than all other planets put together. Its mass is only 1/1047 times the Sun. Its mean distance from the Sun is 483.3 million miles. As it flattens on the poles, its equatorial diameter is about 88,000 miles and polar diameter is about 84,000 miles. Its mean distance from the Sun is 483.3 million miles. Its sidereal period is 11.9 years. There are 16 satellites of Jupiter of which the most important are Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Jupiter shows yellowish disc, crossed by cloud belts.


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