Jupiter in Different Houses (Guru in Jyotish) – Part 2

Jupiter in Different Houses

Jupiter is known as Brihaspati, where ‘Brihat’ means big or vast and ‘Pati’ means protector. Hence Brihaspati means big protector. He is also referred to as Guru, Jeeva, Daiva, Sura Guru and Deva Guru. Jupiter is considered as biggest benefic planet in Vedic astrology. Jupiter signify knowledge, wisdom. Jupiter is known for ‘Dharmic’ and Spiritual knowledge. Read more.

Please note that the results mentioned below does not consider strength of Jupiter in terms of Shadbal etc. Also position of Jupiter in various signs are important to be considered in prediction..

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Jupiter in 7th House

7th house represents marriage life, spouse, partnerships, etc. They will have happy married life. They will prosper after marriage. The spouse will be mature and hails from respectable and big family. Life partner will be devoted, cultured, well behaved having traditional values of life and have good character, knowledge etc. The spouse may have interest in spirituality and religion. They follow morality and ethics. Jupiter sitting alone in 7th house in some signs can create disturbance in marital happiness. But mostly it will be benefic. They take relationship very serious whether marriage or any legal/business relationships. They make sure others are happy.

According to Phaladeepika, the native will be blessed with a decent wife and children. He will be handsome and more liberal than his father.

Jupiter in 8th House

8th house deals with longevity, transformation, sudden events etc.  It will give long life to the native. There may have some unexpected gains from satwik sources. They will be well educated. They will have the craving for learning very deep in any subject. They may do lot of charity. They may be interested in occult science and have intuitive abilities. They may have psychic and supernatural powers. They may not be very religious people but they do not condemn religion. They like to be spiritual. They may spend wealth for religious or philanthropic cause. They will do good in research field.

According to Phaladeepika, the native will be poor and helpless and earns his livelihood through servants or menials. He will indulge in mean action but will be longlived.

Jupiter in 9th House

9th house is for luck, wisdom, teaching, father etc. The native with this placement will be a respectable person and earn huge wealth. They will follow dharma and moral values. They will follow tradition and ritualistic principles of religion. They will do good as teachers, preachers, public speakers on religion and spirituality etc. The work they do is not necessarily has to be religious but thing is that whatever they do, they do with ethics. They will be like a teachers in their field and people look up to them. Father of the native will also be respectable in society, and possess wealth and fortune. If Jupiter is negative, then they may become fundamentalists in their religion. They will have very strong belief and they will try to force on others also.

According to Phaladeepika, the native will be wealthy and will be blessed with children. He will be famous and will be eager to perform virtuous deeds and religious rites. He will become a minister of the king.

Jupiter in 10th House

10th house indicates karma, actions, activity, career etc. This house is basically our day-to-day karma we perform. Generally they do good karma in action and thoughts. They will be truthful and helpful to others. They will not harm anybody. They work with dedication, commitment and live their life with complete satisfaction and happiness. Please note the aspect of other planets affect the results accordingly. The profession which suit them are banking, investment banking, financial advisors, teaching, as a minister, manufacturing sector, in publishing, priest etc. Apart from this they can be religious leaders, philanthropist, religious preacher, priest, publisher of holy books etc.

According to Phaladeepika, the native will be very wealthy and a favourite of the king. He earns a high reputation and is virtuous.

Jupiter in 11th House

11th house is about gains, desires, achievements etc. Jupiter in this house will aspect 3rd and 7th house. So ‘Kama trikona’ will be very active. There will be high desires and ambitions in life but they will earn wealth in rightful ways. They will be high with confidence and courage. This house shows network of people around you. They will take care of their image in friends and social circle very well. Mostly they will be associated with like minded people. They will be generous and charitable in nature. They can work in teaching field like lecturer, professor, speculative business, financial management, media field etc.

According to Phaladeepika, the native will be wealthy, longlived and fearless. He gets few children, but enjoys the comforts of conveyances.

Jupiter in 12th House

12th house represents loss, hospitals, expenditure, liberation, charity etc. Jupiter provides the knowledge in understanding the divine, philosophy and moksha vidya. They may relocate to foreign land to teach spirituality and philosophy. They spend their money more on religious and spiritual stuffs. They may visit pilgrimages, temples and holy places. They may spend wealth for the cause of spiritual expenses such as building temples, orphanages, choultries or dharamshalas, old age centres. They may suffer humiliation in society and particularly so if Saturn aspects. They may suffer hospitalisation due to disease caused by liver disorders such as Jaundice, diabetes, liver cancer, phlegmatic diseases like bronchitis etc.

According to Phaladeepika, the native will earn animosity of others and will himself use abusive language. He will be childless, sinful,.indolent and a person who serves others.


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