Sun in Different Houses in Astrology – Part 2

Sun in different houses

The analysis here gives one portion of the whole picture. We also need to see placement of other planets in the horoscope. Sun is the prime luminary in the Solar system and gives light and heat to other planets and heavenly bodies. It is considered as king of planets as all the planets including Earth will be revolving around the Sun. Sun is called as universal atma or soul as everything in this world depends on the Sun.

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Sun in 7th House

7th house deals with marriage, partnerships, others etc. The life partner will be commanding and authoritative and it may lead to separation sometimes. It may not be good for partnership business as well. Here the person will try to be superior than other and it will create conflict between them. There will be lot of oppositions from ‘others’ which can puncture the ego of the person. This position will be good the people in public relations, spokesperson of a government etc. Also this position will be good in partnering with Governmental agencies for business or social work.

According to Phaladeepika, native with Sun in 7th house will suffer from the wrath of the king. He will have deformed body and will have no wife. He will suffer from humiliation from others.

Sun in 8th House

8th house deals with transformation, change, fear, death, occult, insurance etc. They may get disappointment with respect from Government. For example, he will try for Government employment but fail repeatedly which leads to frustration and disappointment. There may be differences with father or father would suffer from some diseases. But he will get the inheritance of his father. He may be interested in occult sciences such as astrology or interested in finding the unknown. He may have spiritual inclination. He will have liberal way of thinking and will talk more of philosophy.

According to Phaladeepika, native with Sun in 8th house will be deprived of his wealth and friends. He will be short lived and suffer from defective eyesight.

Sun 9th House

It is the house of morality, religion, fortune, luck, father etc. The person with 9th house Sun wants to live righteously and expects others to follow him. He will have a set of beliefs and follow them religiously. He always wants to expand his knowledge and wisdom. The person will be mostly influenced by his father but there can be some differences with him too. As 9th house relates to journey, the person may travel to places in relation to religion, spirituality. Or he may become a religious  Guru who will teach culture and religion. They will do well as teachers and in research field. They may head some religious or educational institutions.

According to Phaladeepika, native with Sun in 9th house likely to suffer from the loss of his father, but he will not be deprived of children and relations. He will have due respect for gods and brahmins.

Sun in 10th House

It is a favourable position for Sun. Sun will be strongest in this house. 10th house is for Karma, profession, activity etc. On a broader sense it deals with what karma we perform in this life. They You naturally possess leadership qualities and will become a role model for others. He don’t like to be dominated by others. The person can be employed with Government or he will establish his own business. Politics suits these individuals very well. As 10th house is the peak point of visible half of zodiac, the house deals with public life. So here Sun makes the native to be outdoor always. He doesn’t like to be alone and always likes people to be around him like Kings and politicians. When he becomes alone or ignored, his ego will be hampered.

According to Phaladeepika, native with Sun in 10th house will be blessed with sons and will enjoy the comfort and conveyances. He will receive praise for his good conduct and will have intelligence, wealth, strength and fame. He will be a king.

Sun in 11th House

11th house deals with gains of all kinds, wealth, goals etc. This position makes the native to desire for larger material aspirations. He wants to make a network of people with higher status. He may not like to mingle with people of lower status. The main purpose of the native is not about basic living or money. He will think in terms of bigger goals in life. He will think of changing society at large or he will create a business empire where he will give jobs to many people. As the house represents mass or group, the native can easily become leader of the group and gets the respect from others.

According to Phaladeepika, native with Sun in 11th house is very wealthy and long lived. he will be a king with ever lasting happiness.

Sun in 12th House

12th house signifies expenditure, loss, hospitals, foreign, liberation etc. The position of Sun in this house may not be good for material success but good in terms of spiritual progress. As Sun signifies soul, the purpose of the soul is to find higher self. He would have enjoyed all the material comforts in his previous births now it is the time to find the true self. 12th house is like final destination where after enjoying fruits of all the houses, it is now the time to withdraw from everything. 12th house is abandoning one’s ego and here the person will learn to get rid of the ego. He may become spiritual healer. He may be hospitalised due to bad health. He may suffer from diseases related to heart, bone, stomach, digestion.He may also lose the inheritance from father.

According to Phaladeepika, native with Sun in 12th house will have inimical relations with his father, his eyesight will be defective and he will be devoid of wealth and children.

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