Mercury in Different Houses (Budha in Jyotish) – Part 2

Mercury in different houses

Budha is also called as ‘Soumya’ which means son of Soma (Chandra). Budha or Mercury is known as messenger of the Gods in astrology. It is the fast moving and closest planet to the Sun in solar system. Budha signifies intelligence. It controls the complete brain and uses the cerebellum for doing anything with intelligence. Mercury also signify speech. For good communication, Mercury should be well placed in the chart. Read more.

Mercury in Different Houses

Please note that the results mentioned below does not consider strength of Mercury in terms of Shadbal etc. Also position of Mercury in various signs are important to be considered in prediction..

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Mercury in 7th House

7th house represents marriage life, spouse, partnerships, etc. They will be youthful, talented individuals. They may be very conscious about their public image. Their spouse will be beautiful, intelligent, well behaved, diplomatic, adjustable, cunning. Mercury is a neutral planet and they will have the balance in masculine and feminine energies. It is preferable to have the aspect of male planets on Mercury for Men and aspect of female planets for Women. They will flourish in business, trade and will be an expert in accounting and auditing. They will have the knack of business acumen especially they will excel with business partnership.

According to Phaladeepika, he will be learned, decently dressed. He will have all the greatness and a wealthy woman as his wife.

Mercury in 8th House

8th house deals with longevity, transformation, sudden events etc. They will be intelligent, well versed with many subjects. They will have the research oriented mind. They may be interested in occult like astrology, tantra etc. Here Mercury gives the intelligence to study deep into the subject. If they meditate, they will easily gain intuitive powers. They may also have philosophical bent of mind. They will not take anything on the face value, they will research on the subject for deep insights. It will be difficult for anybody to win debates with these people, because they will have the knowledge of the subject thoroughly. But they may not get the happiness from marriage. They may feel something is lacking in their married life.

According to Phaladeepika, he will be widely renowned and long lived. He will be supporter of his family, a commander of army.

Mercury in 9th House

9th house is for luck, wisdom, teaching, father etc. Normally people with this position will be well educated. They will always try to learn higher wisdom. They are people not just follow religion blindly rather they find reason for any rituals, beliefs. They apply their logical mind to decode the religion. They are honest, follow morality, not desirous of others wealth. They may teach and preach. Their teaching will always be interesting for others. They may use their intelligence and higher learning for business purposes. They will also be very charitable and very compassionate people. Father of the native may have business skills.

According to Phaladeepika, he will be learned, wealthy, religious minded and observer of virtuous conduct. He will be well versed in everything and will not be reserved in speaking.

Mercury in 10th House

10th house indicates karma, actions, activity, career etc. Mercury is about youthfulness and 10t house is about action. So naturally they will be very action oriented people. Whatever they do, they do it with vigour and enthusiasm. Their communication and intelligence power will be blossomed here, because 10th house signify public life. They will do excellent in profession. Their profession can be related to the karaka of the Mercury. They will be highly ambitious people and wants to reach heights. They will be multi talented to the true sense. They will have the craving for learning various subjects. Their only problem is that they try to do many things simultaneously. Because of this they may lack the focus after sometime. They may not like monotonous work and they try to innovate themselves more. There may be lot of changes in their career.

According to Phaladeepika, he will be learned, powerful, wise, happy, virtuous and will stick to his word. He will be successful from the very beginning in all his ventures.

Mercury in 11th House

11th house is about gains, desires, achievements etc. When Mercury in this house, the native will be very socializing person, will have many friends etc. They will be highly ambitious and have positive attitude. Their social network will be very vast. They are the kind of people whom everyone calls up for any help. In today’s scenario, we can say that they will be always busy on the phone. Apart from that, other Mercurian qualities are abundant in them. They will be creative and can have many sources of income. They will be good in speculative business like in stock markets. They will do good as a teacher, public speaker etc. They may have some affairs outside of marriage.They may be involved in activities involving diplomatic communicator, interpreter, press reporter, editor, news reader etc.

According to Phaladeepika, he will be long lived. He will keep his words and will be very wealthy and happy. He will enjoy the comfort of servants.

Mercury in 12th House

12th house represents loss, hospitals, expenditure, liberation etc. Mercury loses some karakas in this house. The people with Mercury in this house may sometimes become slow in communication process. They may find it difficult to communicate their thoughts effectively. They may become loners. There may be problems like stammering etc. But they may be good in writing abilities. They may have some psychic powers or intuition. They can become healers. They may excel in the occult fields. They will have frequent mental worries. It will be better off if they don’t try their hand in speculative business.

According to Phaladeepika, He will be poor and helpless, indolent and cruel, and without any education. He will also suffer from humiliation.

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