Mars in Different Houses – Part 1


Mars in Astrology

Mars is called as ‘Mangala’ or ‘Angaraka’ or ‘Kuja’ in Vedic astrology. These three names signify three forms of energies. Mars signify energy and is the representation of activity. Mars is a male planet and represents hasty and quick nature. He represent blood, courage, dynamism with absolute vitality and vigour. Read more..

Please note that the results mentioned below does not consider strength of Mars in terms of Shadbal etc. Also position of Mars in various signs are important to be considered in prediction..

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Mars in 1st House

1st house shows personality, body, head etc. As Mars is an aggressive planet, when it comes to 1st house, it makes the native hyperactive. They are very competitive and action oriented people.Their only goal will be winning, no matter what. They will be full of energy and they like physical activities. As 1st house is also 11th from 3rd, there will be lot of gains on account of their  activity and self effort. Hence it is a good placement for sportspersons. Mars gives all the qualities for sportsperson like aggression, competition, anger, winning spirit. Sometimes because of their over aggression, they run into many problems. They constantly suffer accidents, wounds, cuts etc. Normally they have less patience and wants everything instantly. They may take shortcut routes to achieve their goals. As Mars aspects 7th house, they may have some difficulty in married life.

According to Phaladeepika, if Mars occupies 1st house or the lagna, the native will be very cruel but valourous. He will be short lived and his body will get bruised.

Mars in 2nd House

Mainly 2nd house is about family, wealth, speech, food habits etc. Generally they are hasty in financial matters. They may not be good savers. They should not take big financial decisions independently and it is better they consult advisors. They will have sharp tongue and use rash language unless there is a benefic aspect. They will have a commanding voice. If Mars is negatively placed, they even talk abusive language and add enemies. They may want to dominate in family and some of the family members may dislike them. They like hot and spicy food. Generally they are hard core meat lovers. Since they have commanding voice they will do good as commanders in military, police and security establishments.

According to Phaladeepika, when Mars in 2nd house, the native will not be good looking and will not be clever in speaking. He will be learned and will be devoid of wealth. He will be serving low people.

Mars in 3rd House

3rd house signify courage, self efforts, communication, brothers etc. Mars in 3rd house suits very well. But it should be placed very favourably with benefic aspect. Mars in this house makes them fearless communicator which helps in the field of journalism, police, secret services. They will be good in debates. They also love to travel to different places. They will do good as sportsperson as third house uses Mars energy to the fullest. Their co-borns especially younger ones will also be very courageous and competitive in nature and  will be benefited from the native.

According to Phaladeepika, the person will be equipped with qualities, will be powerful, happy and brave. He will not be subdued by others. But he will be deprived of the happiness of brothers.

Mars in 4th House

Fourth house deals with happiness, home, vehicle, land, mother etc. 4th house is in invisible half of zodiac and it is a hidden house. Mars is not very comfortable in this house. Mars is a warrior and it should not be staying inside home. He likes to be in the battle field means outside. So Mars can make the person behave very aggressive at home. He may talk rudely with family members. They may be disobedient to the parents in childhood. As Mars is the karaka for land, these people will have the liking to big lands or multiple properties. They may also like farm house , agricultural lands. They will do good in business related to real estate. There can be some hidden wealth also. They may take up technical education or in medical education. Mother of the native will have angry, hasty and cruel temperament.

According to Phaldeepika, the native will be bereft of mother, friends, happiness, conveyances and lands.

Mars in 5th House

5th house relates to intelligence, creativity, education, children etc. It will make the native very courageous and creative individual. There will be lot of actions with creativity. 5th house also for education. Here Mars energy does not complement well for the education. They may not concentrate on the studies well. They may have liking for technical education. This is not a very comfortable place to be for Mars. 5th house also represent emotions , intellect and it deals with mental horizon or Buddhi sthana. Here Mars makes the person either very hyper or it can make him very dull. The children of the native especially the first one will have predominant character of Mars like short temper, egoism, dynamism, super active, liberal etc.

According to Phaladeepika, the native will have no children and will face many disasters. He will be a talebearer and without enough intelligence.

Mars in 6th House

6th house signify diseases, conflicts, enemies, debt, competition etc. It is like a battlefield. Mars will be very happy here. For sports people this position will be good, as it helps them to win the competition. They will have the killer instinct to overpower the opponents. 6th house complements the 10th house. It is the house of service. The person will be very active and competitive in his work place. It may become difficult for others to match their competitive spirit. They may try to dominate over others. They may not like others to instruct them. They may face problems in an environment of teamwork.  They acquire wealth in a hard way. They may acquire land, properties through loans or defaulters. They may also acquire land from one’e enemy by force or compulsion. They also face wounds, cuts because of their over aggression. They may also face some surgeries.

According to Phaladeepika, they will be wealthy, generous, capable of vanquishing his enemies and will have splendour like that of a king. He will be very sensuous.

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