Mercury in Different Houses (Budha in Jyotish) – Part 1

Mercury in different houses

Budha is also called as ‘Soumya’ which means son of Soma (Chandra). Budha or Mercury is known as messenger of the Gods in astrology. It is the fast moving and closest planet to the Sun in solar system. Budha signifies intelligence. It controls the complete brain and uses the cerebellum for doing anything with intelligence. Mercury also signify speech. For good communication, Mercury should be well placed in the chart. Read more.

Mercury in Different Houses

Please note that the results mentioned below does not consider strength of Mercury in terms of Shadbal etc. Also position of Mercury in various signs are important to be considered in prediction..

Mercury in 1st House

1st house shows personality, body, head etc. Mercury is about communication. Mercury in 1st house, makes the person wants to communicate. 1st house is about self, so they wants to portray their self to the masses. They will be very clever, talented, diplomatic people. They are very jovial and have sense of humour. They will be good looking and very youthful in appearance. They like to do many things simultaneously. They have the capacity to think and do more than one work at a time. But problem with them is that they cannot get expertise in anything. They are like ‘jack of all trades and master of none’. But in a group, they will be the popular face, because they know many things and they can talk on various topics. They will have business skills and problem solving ability. They can become entrepreneurs, diplomats, writers etc.

According to Phaladeepika, if Mercury is posited in the 1st house, the native will be learned in shastras, will be soft spoken and long lived.

Mercury in 2nd House

2nd house signify speech, wealth, family, food habits etc. If Mercury is well placed then they become amazing communicators, good in debates, will have very good argumentative skills, but can also be critical. They can be well versed in many languages. If there is a connection of Rhau or 12th lord, then they may learn foreign language also. They will be very intelligent in money matters. They will have certain calculations on how much to save and spend, They will do good planning on financial goals. Therefore they can do well as bankers, wealth managers, advisors etc. The position will be good for businessmen, entrepreneurs, teacher etc. They can be singers, artists too.  They can also be very charitable in nature. Mercury from 2nd house aspects 8th house. They will use their  intelligence and logic in occult sciences as well. They can go deep into the subjects like astrology, philosophy etc.

According to Phaladeepika, the person earn his livelihood by his intelligence. He will compose poems and will be cultured in his speech. He will get sweetish preparations to eat.

Mercury in 3rd House

3rd house represents courage, self efforts, communication, brothers etc. In natural zodiac  Mercury owns 3rd house of Gemini. So the energy of Mercury suits well on this house. As Mercury is the fast moving planet and applying the energy with self effort, they tend to be very quick in everything. They are quick to react, very fast in decision making, quick learner etc. This trait will help them in situation which require to be very active like sports, business etc. For example. in Cricket sports, a batsman should be very quick in deciding which shot to play. Once the ball leaves bowlers hand, there is only fraction of second to decide his shot. He has to be very very quick in decision making. So Mercury in 3rd house gives that strength. But if Mercury is afflicted, then they may take wrong decisions. In this house, communication is not only about talking, they can communicate in writing, media, mediating etc. They will have nice handwriting, excellent written communication. Apart from that Mercury helps them to gain in wealth, fortune. Their brothers will be youthful, jovial, business minded etc.

According to Phaladeepika, he will be brave but will have a medium span of life. He will have good brothers and sisters, but will suffer from fatigue and be dejected.

Mercury in 4th House

Fourth house deals with happiness, home, vehicle, land, education, mother etc. When Mercury is in 4th house, it makes the native well educated. They will learn very quickly. They will be attached to family and motherland. They may be interested in education concerned with all types of communication such as road, rail, telecommunications, electronics, engineering, commerce, foreign services etc. Also impact of other planets on Mercury also should be studied. They can do business sitting at home. They can even do business related to education like setting up educational institutions,business management, trading, information technology,

According to Phaladeepika, he will be learned and witty. He will be possessed of friends, wealth and happiness.

Mercury in 5th House

5th house relates to intelligence, creativity, learning, children, speculation etc. They will be very intelligent, creative, talented, well versed in many subjects. They will have curious mind of learning new things. But problem is that they may try to learn everything and does not get expertise in any particular field, So there should be some good aspect of other planets on Mercury. As Mercury joins creative house, they will be very creative in writing. People love their style of writing. They may have interest in speculative business like stock market or horse trading. In stock market, they will be particularly interested in technical analysis, where they will study the stock charts. The children will be very intelligent, creative and multi talented. They can worship Lord Vishnu to improve Mercurian energy.

According to Phaladeepika, he will be learned, happy and courageous. He will be blessed with children and will be well versed in mantras.

Mercury in 6th House

6th house signify diseases, conflicts, enemies, debt, competition etc. Remember Mercury is exalted in Virgo which is 6th house of natural zodiac. 6th house signify service, and they may work in the areas of financial management, teaching, accounting etc. They will communicate well with peers. They will be very organized, orderly in their work. Because of their organizational capabilities they always be loved by their bosses. These people does not like conflicts in work. They will try to balance the work environment. They will be selfless in their work. They may also work for some charity organisations apart from their regular work. They will help others when in need. Generally they will have lesser enemies, because of the quality of Mercury. They are good in  diplomacy, persuasive skills and communication, so they will keep their enemies at bay.  They have to face some problems related to health with respect to the house lordship of Mercury.

According to Phaladeepika, he will be indolent, harsh in speech and will be capable of overcoming his enemies. He will become adamant when people enter into arguments with him.

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