Saturn in Different Houses – Part 1



Saturn in different houses

Saturn is the most feared planet in astrology. He is a good friend for all those who follow right path and control their passion. He controls and checks human nature and never tolerate arrogance. He wants everyone to maintain discipline and take responsibility. He is termed as ‘Karmakaraka’ means who is responsible for maintaining karma of the native. Karma means our actions and profession is the part of this karma. If one goes out of moral and ethical path, he punishes those people, it may be in this birth or in the next birth. He is like a judge in modern context.  Read more

Please note that, the results mentioned below are general in nature. Strength of Saturn in terms of Shadbal and other methods needs to analysed. Also factors such as exaltation, debilitation etc. can alter the result significantly.

Saturn in Different Houses

Saturn in 1st House or Saturn in Ascendant

1st house signify personality, body, head etc. 1st house is like a foundation in a chart. When Saturn as a karma karaka planet comes to this house, shows there can be some karmic backlog to be performed. However, the percentage depends on the strength and position of the Saturn. There can be struggles, obstacles in life. Saturn gives results late in life. When Saturn sits in 1st house, it aspects 3rd house of effort. They may not be very active in early part of life. Therefore normally they will have very casual mind and all the achievements come late in life. The first half of life teaches life lessons. It is the time for introspection. When one learns from mistakes and challenges, he will achieve success later. They will normally be very mature people. Apart from that, they may lack in confidence, lazy, very disciplined unless retrograde.

According to Phala deepika, if Saturn is in lagna in the sign of exaltation or in own house, the person concerned will be equal to the king, a chief or mayor of a city. If Saturn in lagna in any other sign, the native will suffer from sorrow and misery from his very childhood and will be poverty stricken. He will be living shabbily and will be inactive.

Saturn in 2nd House

2nd house signifies speech, wealth, family, food habits etc. Saturn can delay in these significations depending on its strength. There can be delayed speech for them and they may talk very slowly. Earning can be commenced late in life. They may even go though poverty in childhood. Normally after the age of 32 years, they start saving money. They will earn with hard work and their earnings will be lesser than the efforts they put. They may have dark complexion and long teeth. They may have challenging family life especially in childhood. There can be lot restrictions from parents. Mother of the native will have to face hardships in life. There can even be separation from family early. Saturn may create interest in occult studies.

According to Phala deepika, should Saturn be in the 2nd house, the face of the native will be unattractive. He will not take the righteous path and will be devoid of wealth but in the later part of his life he will quit his native place and will then possess wealth, conveyances and all enjoyments of life.

Saturn in 3rd House

3rd house represents courage, self effort, communication, brothers etc. This is the house of dreamers. When Saturn is placed here can make the native disheartened. They may be slow in communication especially in childhood. There may be problem of inferiority complex while growing. They may be fearful, talk less, dissatisfied, impatient. Also, this position makes them slow in learning. As 3rd house is a upachaya house, the significations of this house will improve a lot over the time. Normally after 30-32 years of age, they will gain lot from Saturn. Whatever Saturn has restricted till then, he will give them in abundance later. If Saturn is strongly placed, it gives long life as 3rd is 8th from 8th house. They can have problems with brothers and their brothers can have cunning nature.

According to Phala deepika, if Saturn occupy 3rd house, the native will be very intelligent, wise and liberal and will live with his wife. However, he will be indolent and unhappy.

Saturn in 4th House

Fourth house stands for happiness, emotions, home, vehicle, land, education, mother etc. Saturn in this house can create problems in happiness for the native. They will have trouble in childhood, may lack in love from the mother etc. Education for such natives will progress very slowly. They have to put more effort than their capability to get good education. If Saturn is very weak, there can be break in education too. If one finds it difficult in concentrating in education with weak Saturn, they can take up job oriented courses where more physical work is required. This position makes the mother of the native to be hard worker. They may not get the nourishment from mother side or mother may be very disciplined. At the same time they will learn from mother a lot. There can be problems in acquiring land, home. It will be better if they take up these dealings after 32 years of age. They may prefer to live in an old house. They may not keep their house clean and tidy. Their house may be located in unclean place. Again it also depends on other family members.

According to Phala deepika,the native will be bereft of house, respect and mother. He will be sickly in his childhood. He will also be unhappy.

Saturn in 5th House

5th house signifies intelligence, creativity, past deeds, learning, children, speculation etc. Higher education can be bit challenging for the native. Or learning anything with specializing in the subject will be difficult or it will delay the matters. They will have children very late in life. Or it will be better if they postpone and have children after 30 years of age. And marriage also could happen late. They may lack interest in romance, sensuality etc.  In female horoscope, this can create complications during pregnancy particularly during sixth month, if Saturn does not receive the aspect from benefics. Children of the native can be lazy, slow in understanding and they may have unhappiness from the children.

According to Phala deepika, the person concerned will be evil minded and wicked. He will be bereft of learning, children, wealth and happiness. He roams about aimlessly.

Saturn in 6th House

6th house signify service, diseases, conflicts, enemies, debt, competition etc. Saturn in this house is good compared to other houses. It will make them work hard. Here hard work will give the result to them. They will overcome disease and enemies. But there can be some chronic diseases also in old age. Saturn simultaneously aspects 8th, 12th and 3rd houses. All are dustana houses.So Saturn will slow down all the negativiity of these houses. It is the house of service. Saturn in this position create healers. They can become social workers and work for underprivileged people. They will have fairly long life.

According to Phala deepika, should Saturn occupy this house, the person concerned will be glutton, wealthy and will vanquish his enemies. He will also be arrogant.

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