Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika Nakshatra

Rasi or Sign – Aries (Mesha) and Taurus (Vrishabha)

Position – 26° 40’ to 40° 00’ (Aries 26° 40’ to Taurus 10° 00’)

Nakshatra Lord – Sun

Star Cluster – Six Stars

Star Formation / Symbol – Razor

Colour – Blood Red

Gender – Female

Gana – Rakshasa

Caste – Brahmin

Yoni – Aja (Goat)

Diety – Agni

Letters represented – A, E, Vu and Ae

Representation in Triloka – Pathala or Naraka

Category – Sadharana

Tridosha – Kapha (Phlegmatic)

Triguna – Rajo Guna

Purushartha (Motivation) – Kama (Desire)

Body Part – Head

Longevity – Poornayu

Gem – Ruby

Bird – Peacock

Place – Shoonya Sthana

Tree – Oudumbara

Nadi – Anthya

Kritika Nakshatra in Scriptures

According to Daivagna Vilasa, the person born in Krittika nakshatra will have good digestive power and hence will be interested in eating always. The person will sacrifice the assets even though self earned and will always have contact with useless people. The person will glorify whatever achieved even if it is negligible. The person will hurt others by talking very rough and will perform the duties for the sake of false prestige and show.

According to Jathakabharana, the person born in this star will always behave very angry, will be interested in doing stipulated actions enunciated in shastras which are difficult to be done by others in a challenging manner by creating fear among the people and by talking very politely.

According to Yavaneshwara, the person will be charismatic, short tempered, will always have tendency to enjoy life by any means, will be a person of too much hunger, will have fierce nature like fire and is termed as Agni Nakshatra.

According to Manasagari, the person will do sinful deeds and will always be interested to look after the hunger by leaving all the acts of purity. The person will do prohibited deeds and will be interested in doing immoral acts.

General Characteristics

Krittika Nakshatra will fall in Aries and Taurus signs. Krittika 1st pada will fall in Mesha rashi and rest 3 padas fall in Vrishabha. As Kritika itself is fiery star, 1st pada will be very fierce because of the association with Aries. But when it comes to Tuarus, it will be mellowed down. Remember Moon is exalted in Taurus sign. Overall they will be very sharp. They speak to the point and do not beat around the bush. They will be honest and frank in their opinion. But it may sometimes hurt others. These people are very determined and full of confidence and courage. They may try to dominate others also. They will have very materialistic attitude. Proud of themselves and very desirous. They have inherent leadership qualities with them. They will become famous but they are ungrateful to the people. They may be short tempered and impulsive. Generally they prefer to be with the other sex.

Apart from the above characteristics, some of the specific characters for different quarters or padas under Krittika star as as follows.

Kritika 1st Pada – The 1st quarter of Krittika falls in Dhanu navamsa ruled by Jupiter.  The person will be talented and loved by family members. They will have attractive personality. They will be very philosophical in their speech. They will be devoted to father. They may be associated or may get favours from the Government.

Kritika 2nd Pada – This quarter is ruled by Saturn. They will be natural leaders and work very hard. They will be very stingy, talks slowly, will not respect tradition. If afflicted, can be less intelligent. And can have secret behaviour.

Kritika 3rd Pada – They may be very short tempered, mischievous. WIll have cruel mind, unclean. Very popular among friends and can have good network of people.

Kritika 4th Pada – It is ruled by Jupiter. They will be charismatic, scholar, respects elders, has devotion to God. They will achieve name and fame for themselves. They will own all the expensive things at home.

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