Mrigasira Nakshatra

Mrigasira Nakshatra

Rasi or Sign – Taurus (Vrushabha) and Gemini (Mithuna)

Position – 23° 20’ Taurus to 6° 20’ Gemini

Nakshatra Lord – Mars ( Mangala)

Star Cluster – 3 Stars

Star Formation / Symbol – Head of a deer

Colour – White Colour

Gender – Neuter (Napunsaka)

Gana – Deva Gana

Caste – Servant

Yoni – Sarpa

Diety – Soma (the Moon God)

Letters represented – Vay, Vo, Ka, Ki

Representation in Triloka – Swarga (Heaven)

Category – Mrudu Nakshatra

Tridosha – Pitta (Billious)

Triguna – Thamo Guna

Purushartha (Motivation) – Moksha

Body Part – Eyes and Eyebrows

Longevity – Purnayu

Gem – Coral

Swara (Sound) – Om karakshara

Bird – Garuda

Place – City

Tree – Khadira

Nadi – Madhya Nadi

Mrigasira Nakshatra in Scriptures

According to Daivagna Vilasa, the person born in Mrigasira Nakshatra will study the Dharma Shastras. He will show respect to people and will be helpful to others. He will be known as a knowledgeable, scholar. He will be wealthy and will have contacts with Government officials.

According to Jathakabharana, the person will show a sense of non-attachment towards work and may have a tendency of the oscillating mind. He will have some sort of fear and nervous disposition. But he will be wealthy, self-respected, loveable, and will have clean habits. He will be interested in learning scriptures and have an aspiration to become a leader in the chosen field.

According to Yavaneshwara, the person born in this star will have a mild character with sweet talk, very intelligent, knowledgeable in scriptures. He will have respect and love towards mother. He will be wealthy, healthy and will be devoted to God.

According to Manasagari, the person will have a hasty nature but will handle the problems with great efficiency with abundant courage. He may show arrogance and people may start to hate him. He will be energetic, optimistic, has an independent nature, will talk rough and devoted to parents.

General Characteristics

Mrigasira contains two words: ‘Mriga’ means the animal, forest, quest or hunter and ‘Sira’ which means head. The star formation looks like the head of a deer. Mrigasira is a dwipada nakshatra which means two quarters will fall in one sign and the rest falls in a different sign. Half of Mrigasira Nakshatra falls in Taurus and remaining half falls in Gemini. Generally, these people will have a wavering mind and tactful. They are very sharp, active and courageous. Mrigasira people will look beautiful. They are perfectionists and seekers. These individuals are having inquisitive nature. They do not believe with face value, they go deep into researching the subject to believe in anything.

They spend much of their time with like-minded people. These people are strongly rooted in religious beliefs. If ascendant lord in Mrigasira star, then they can go deep into knowing self and the unknown possibilities of the self. They are interested in serving humanity in any way possible. They are good looking and enthusiastic people.

They will have very balanced sexual desires. Because of their inquisitive nature, they will become restless and impatient also. Also, they keep lot of expectation on themselves. They may take many useless decisions to accomplish the goals and in the end only to get into troubles.

Apart from the above characteristics, some of the specific characters for different quarters or padas under Mrigasira star as follows.

Mrigasira 1st Pada – 1st pada of Mrigasira Nakshatra falls in Simha (Leo) navamsa. They will be well built and good looking. Father of the native will be troubled. They may serve in government offices or can be associated with Government.

Mrigasira 2nd Pada – Mercury rules over this pada or quarter. They will be more interested in acquiring knowledge. These people are patient yet active. They will have a research-oriented mind. However, they may have a selfish and cunning motive in their attitude.

Mrigasira 3rd Pada –  This quarter is ruled by Venus. They will be kind-hearted and good looking people. They are knowledgeable and intelligent. They are like dreamers and they use imagination to their advantage. Therefore, they will do good as writers, movie directors etc.

Mrigasira 4th Pada –  Mars rules over this pada. Moon in this position is weak compared to other quarters. In this position, they may not be able to express their thoughts and emotions well. These people might find difficulty in communicating effectively. They may have jealousy and may hate others. But they will be courageous and active.

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