Chitra Nakshatra (Chitta Nakshatra)

Chitra Nakshatra

Rasi or Sign – Virgo (Kanya) and Libra (Tula)

Position – 173° 20’ to 186° 40’ (23° 20′ Virgo to 6° 40’ Libra)

Nakshatra Lord – Mars (Kuja)

Star Cluster – Single Star

Star Formation / Symbol – Pearl or a bright jewel

Colour – White Colour

Gender – Female

Gana – Rakshasa

Caste – Kshatriya

Yoni – Tiger (Vyaghra)

Deity – Thwashtru, the Celestial architect

Letters represented – Pay, Po, Ra, Ri

Representation in Triloka – Patal or Naraka

Category – Mridu

Tridosha – Pitta (Billious)

Triguna – Thamo Guna

Purushartha (Motivation) – Kama (Desires)

Body Part – Neck

Longevity – Alpayu

Gem – Coral

Swara (Sound) – Ta & Va karakshara

Place – Deserted City

Tree – Bilva

Nadi – Madhya


Chitra/Chitta Nakshatra in Scriptures

According to Jatakabharana, the person born in Chitra Nakshatra will wear beautiful and fashionable clothes and will be well versed in kama shastra (the art of love), be a scholar and enjoys the life.

According to Horasara, one born in Chitra Nakshatra will be enthusiastic, likes bad women/men, be sinful, argumentative in nature, like luxurious garments, lives in a foreign country.

According to Brihat Samhita, the person will like colourful garments, will have beautiful eyes and limbs.

General Characteristics

Mars is the ruler of this star. Chitta refers to beautiful or pretty painting. It is symbolized as a  pearl or jewel. Chitta is the Dwipada Nakshatra, means two legs (or padas) fall in Kanya and other 2 legs fall in Tula sign. It balances out the earth and air element in the body. People with Chitra Nakshatra wants to live their life to the fullest. They want to live like a bright star that means they portray a bright image of themselves to the outer world. They give more importance to the external beauty or appearance. They like to wear beautiful clothes and jewelry.

They will have the liking of beautiful surrounding. Generally, these people keep their home and surrounding very clean and neat. It is not only about keeping clean but they will try to animate it. They will be strong and brave people. The primary motivation of this star is Kama or desires, with the domination of Tamas. These people are highly desirous and can have very passionate behavior. Depending on the influence of other planets on Moon, the urge can be on material or spiritual things. But the problem is that the urge will fizzle out very easily. It is like there will be a sudden burst of wants and the person will swiftly move to fulfill them without examining.

Chitta Nakshatra with Virgo sign people will be short-tempered, with strength and willpower. These people are fast and energetic people. They will have the research-oriented mindset. They do not believe anything with the face value. They will dig deep to find out the details. These folks will be argumentative and like to debate on everything. They easily get irritated and mind can get volatile very easily. These folks are good in business and can become big entrepreneurs. Sometimes these people become very harsh and ruthless, thereby inviting many enemies. People working under them would have a very difficult time.

When it comes to Chitta Nakshatra with Libra sign, the energy is mostly used in passion and fulfilling desires. People here will be very ambitious and determined in their goals. They interact more with people. They see everything in a give and take relationship. But they give a lot of importance to one’s family and the life partner will be everything for them. These natives will have a good fashion sense and like to wear jewels and gems. There can be a domination of strong sexual desires with them. They may always project themselves in a positive picture to the outside world. For example, even if they don’t have enough money, still they would portray as if a rich person.

Apart from the above characteristics, some of the specific characters for different quarters or padas under Chitra star are as follows.

Chitta Nakshatra 1st Pada – (23° 20’ to 26° 40’ Virgo) –  Sun is the sub-ruler of this pada. The people with this pada will be handsome/beautiful, cruel, harsh, destroy enemies, will have cheating nature. There will be some cravings for authority, power, and recognition.

Chitra Nakshatra 2nd Pada – (26° 40’ to 30° 00’ Virgo) – Mercury rules over this pada. It will be a vargottama position for the Moon. These people have a strong mind and willpower. They are very intelligent, educated individuals. These are soft-spoken but very good in communication. They are respected by scholars and will be happy in life.

Chitra Nakshatra 3rd Pada – (00° 00’ to 03° 20’ Libra) – Venus rules over this pada. Again this is Vargottama position for Moon. In this pada, the native will be dominated by Venusian energy. These people are very confident, famous, valorous, have patience and liked by people. They live a lavish lifestyle. They are very passionate and wants everything in life. They may be fond of gems and jewelry.

Chitta Nakshatra 4th Pada – (03° 20’ to 06° 40’ Libra) – Mars is the sub-ruler of this pada. People with this pada will be courageous but will have a difficult life. They may perform some sinful deeds and will be hated by enemies. They may be short-tempered and always troubled with hunger.

Chitra Nakshatra in Muhurta or Electional Astrology

Chitra Nakshatra is Mridu and Maitra (Gentle and Friendly), it is suitable for the following actions. Singing, learning music, playing and learning games skills, Making & wearing ornaments etc can be done.

Chitra is one of the Tiryang mukhi (straight looking) Nakshatra and it is suitable for riding, driving, journey, construction of roads, dams, construction of boats, chariots etc.

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