Pisces Rising (Meena Lagna) in Vedic Astrology

Pisces Rising

Meena or Pisces is the 12th sign in the natural zodiac or Kalapurusha chart from 330° to 360°. It is the even sign, Dual (dwi svabhava), Watery (Jala tatwa), Female sign.

General Characteristics

Pisces is a spiritual/religious sign. The symbol of Pisces sign is two fishes combining or merging in a circular shape with one’s tail is connected to other’s mouth. It signifies after completing one assignment now it is the time to move on to the next level. Also Fish signify free flow of thoughts and actions. People with Pisces ascendant are kind, sympathetic, sensitive and philosophical in nature. They are very flexible and adaptable type of people. These people are givers and expect only love and honesty from others.

There will be inclination towards artistic and creative talents like music, painting, arts, drama, dance or any kind of artistic self expression. They can listen to music for the whole day or can get absorbed in it.

There can be some inherent interest in philosophy and spirituality with most of the Pisceans. They will want to know the higher self or mystic nature of this universe. At some point in their life, they get into the dilemma of knowing themselves as materialistic or spiritual.

Family Life

They will have firm and hard speech which may sometimes feel very rash to others. They will be very protective of their family and defend them at any cost. There will be a natural tendency to be an authoritative and responsible figure in family affairs.

Father of the natives may be very laid back and most of them may not have very good relationship with the father. There can be even chances of an abusive father.

Financial Management

Pisces ascendant people may not be very well financial planners. There can be impulsive financial decisions which can ruin happiness. Many times they will run out of money when badly required. There will be lot of out flow of money to these natives. Sometimes they will spend unnecessary and repent later. Normally their partner will be of sound financial knowledge. The spouse will have practical and realistic approach towards finance. He/she will keep the checks and balances of their spending nature. Therefor Pisces ascendant people should take suggestions and recommendation of their partners in these matters.

Profession and Career

Generally Pisces people are intelligent and scholarly type. Both ascendant and house of profession are dominated by Jupiter. Profession related to finance, taxation, teaching, preaching etc. suits well. There can be interest in arts or creative field. They will do good as advisors in any field.

Benefic and Malefic Planets for Meena Lagna

Moon and Mars are very auspicious for Pisces Ascendant. As Jupiter, Mars and Moon are friendly to each other, their mutual association will be very beneficial. Mars (lord of 2nd and 9th) with Moon (lord of 5th house) or Jupiter (lord of 1st and 10th) causes Rajayoga. Saturn, Sun, Venus and Mercury are malefic for Pisces ascendant. Saturn being the lords of 11th and 12th houses becomes weak. Venus as lord of 3rd and 8th house and Sun being 6th house lord becomes functional malefic.

Other Significations of Pisces Sign in Mundane Astrology

Pisces represents religious and holy places, rivers where sacred bath are undertaken, sea, ocean, places where there are temples and shrines. It represents violet colour, short ascension, symmetrical and shining body.

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