Predicting Profession through Astrology

Profession Astrology

Everyone wants to have a great career and earn a decent livelihood. In olden days, the career options were very limited. So the selection of career was not a big deal. More often, people were continuing their family professions. Today, the situation is completely different. Since there are hundreds of career streams, selecting suitable one itself is a challenge. Each day a new line of profession is coming up. Same way there are hundreds of options in doing business. There are few people who will have the passion to do specific tasks. But many will be in a dilemma in selection. In these situations it will be better if we take the help of astrology and make the future smooth.

Broadly work can be divided into manual labour, technical, managerial, Entrepreneurial and visionary(advisory). Again classified into full time, part time, casual, shifts, probationary and finally unemployment. Generally work will be completed in two ways, one is hard work and another is smart work. It all depends on how planets are positioned in the horoscope. What makes one to chose certain type of career? It is believed that past Karma will drive us to chose anything in this birth. Past life will be represented by 5th house in the chart. As per Bhavat Bhavam principle, the 6th house from 5th house, which is 10th house is the ground for us to perform the action to mitigate the karmas. Whatever work one does, somewhere he will serve to others. Therefore 6th house of service and 6th house from 5th house (10th house) are very important in analyzing the chart.

One needs to see whole chart to analyze for profession. It is the combination of planets, houses and signs which determine the line of profession. Sometimes a single strong planet can determine the profession, or it may be a sign or even a nakshatra can influence one’s decision in choosing profession. In present scenario, one can work on multiple ways, literally every house can influence. Hence the holistic analysis of the chart needs to be performed before concluding the result.

Before analyzing anything, one needs to see the lagna or ascendant. It is the foundation of any chart. Lagna and its lord gives the picture of how one takes life and his goals and achievements. Moon sign and Sun sign will determine mindset and willpower to achieve these goals. 10th house is the primary house for profession. Its lord, aspect on 10th house, and general strength of the house gives the clue as to the preference of native. 10th house gives the idea of what kind of action one does. Then other houses plays the supporting role for the 10th house. Again 6th house is the house of service, 2nd/11th houses determines his/her savings ability and gains. 3rd house represents self efforts etc. Like this every house can influence the native.

The houses 2nd, 6th and 10th are called as Artha trikona or trinal houses for wealth. And 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th are called as Upachaya houses. These hoses and their lords, if placed well can help the native in earning wealth. It is preferable to have a cordial relationship between these planets. Not only that, they should be auspicious with lagna lord also. It is said that malefic planets in Upachaya houses produces good results.

Yogas also play an important role in prediction. Dhana yogas and Raja yogas play important role in life. We have seen many people with good career but not good in money matters. Even after earning handsome income, lose money in unexpected way. So we need to check the restricting factors in the horoscope. We need to consider 2nd house for money/savings, 4th house for property, 5th house for speculation/earning, 8th house for unexpected or hidden wealth, 9th house for overall luck, 11th house for gains, 12th house for expenditure. For example, in some charts, only 4th house will be afflicted, then they will have problems in making property or vehicles for themselves. If the said house is severely afflicted, then the significators of that house can drain the wealth of the native. This can disturb the native in future earnings also.

To read the timings and fructification of events, dasas can help a lot. There are many types of dasas present but Vimshottari dasa is the most used and easy to understand. And finally, we need to blend the Kalapurusha chart (natural chart) with the current chart to see the past life influences on work he selects. Some people are very passionate in doing certain type of work and they will not be happy in doing any other work, reason being there could be some unfulfilled desires from past to do certain type of work and it can be seen from the chart.

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    i am rahul kr…i am not getting a stable job despite of various efforts and a decent educational background…i want to ask when can i get a good job and get settled? how will be my future?

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