Predicting Profession through 10th Lord (10th lord in Different Houses)

10th lord in different houses

10th house in a horoscope is called as house of action. It is the highest point in the visible half of the zodiac and called as zenith of the horoscope. It is like a ground where all the actions are performed. 10th house, its lord and planets in 10th house primarily influences the natives interest in terms of career line (Although other planets and houses also  influence). Lord of 10th house can sit in any of the houses in a chart and based on its position, we can deduce the results of profession. Again it depends on general strength of the house and its lord based on various parameters like bhava bala, shadbala, vimsopaka bala etc. If the said planet is weak or debilitated, then the results could be reversed also.

10th lord in 1st house or ascendant

When 10th house lord goes to ascendant, it shows the native is of independent nature. You are ambitious and crave for status and recognition. Very conscious about self image, appearance and behaviour. You want to be financially independent and authority and status are important for you. You may have interest in doing business and provide employment to others. You could also progress well in government jobs. You will have overall a satisfying career. 1st house is 4th from 10th house, so your main aim is to derive happiness from the work. For you, contentment in work is more important than the financial parameters. If this planet is placed in auspicious position, then you could be an entrepreneur or work in an authoritative position. If the said planet is weekly posited, then you will have to face problems in career, frequent changes or ups and downs in career.

10th lord in 2nd house

2nd house is related to money matters. When 10th lord is placed in 2nd house (which means 5th house from itself) will become auspicious position provided the planet is not weak. 2nd and 10th houses are also artha trikona (trinal house of money matters) houses creating a fine linkage between profession and savings. You will strive for financial stability by making sure, you and your family will have adequate resources. You will seek to expand your social circle and status. You will also be good in personal finances. Some of the career options that suits well are banking, investment management, food industry, beauty products, teaching, language specialist, family business, law, sales & marketing, dentist, eye specialist, arts, music, painting etc.

10th lord in 3rd house

This position makes you work hard and realize your dreams with self effort. You want to be in an environment of independence and communication is the key for you. You may not want to be dependent on anyone. You are very adventurous in nature and you will take very brave steps in your career and business. Since it is 6th house from itself, you will have constant growth in career. But there may be initial struggle in career and may have to face some problems or humiliation in terms of profession. You may also like to select career which involves travelling, communication. The best career options which suits this combination are writing, public speaking, journalism, mediator, transport department, sales & marketing, printing, acting, music, media etc.

10th lord in 4th house

When 10th lord goes to 4th house, it aspects its own house from there. So 10th house gets strengthened. Here career may involve lot of learning. Your career derives its nourishment from the acquisition of knowledge and skills. You do not want your career to be lifeless, rather you always try to be very proactive. You bring an attitude of authority into the 4th house matters. You may also become introvert. You want emotional security in your career. You will become a caretaker of your family and especially mother. Business also suits well for this combination. The career options best suited are construction, real estate, finance, teaching, hotel, agriculture, horticulture, vehicle business, architecture, interior decoration, gardening, water business, psychology, Human resources, day care, coaching, philanthropy etc.

10th lord in 5th house

Here a Kendra lord is placed in a Kona house or 5th house. It is one of the good position provided the planet is not afflicted. You will use intelligence in your career. You will also use creativity and risk taking abilities in your profession. You will try to be an expert in your field and will try not to give any room for any criticism. You will be good in planning and prioritizing the work. Your risk taking abilities will help you in speculative business too. Your creative instincts can lead you into arts or entertainment field. Some of the better suited professional stints for this combination will be investment banking, broker, finance advisor, tax consultant, teaching, acting, artist, entertainment field, teaching, business related to educational institutions etc.

10th lord in 6th house

6th house complements the 10th house in terms of profession. Though, 6th house is a malefic house, it is also upachaya house. Hence, there may be some initial struggles in career, but there will be lot of improvements. There may be more of service oriented mindset in you. There will be a feeling to serve others in you. Therefore, it is a good combination for doctors, healers, counsellors, police, army etc. You may become very conscious about your fitness and  diet. You may want to be in an environment of feeling secure. Your career may not be very smooth sailing though and there could be some ups and downs. You may require to be available for service at any time like doctors, military people do. Some of the options suitable for this combination in the chart are doctors, lawyers, consulting, counselling, defence, security service, dietician, animal worker, loan services, nursing etc.

10th lord in 7th house

7th house is 10th house from itself. When it is placed in this house, it aspects lagna. This makes you very authoritative and purposeful in your approach. Your negotiation skills and conflict management can serve you well in your career. You will have a thirst for status and honour in career and in society. Partnership dealings or partnership business can suit you well. There can be some assistance from the spouse in career matters. Your spouse could also be an entrepreneur, or will have status and recognition. Your way of communication  with others in profession will impress many. There may be a natural leadership instincts in you, which will take you to heights in your profession. The best suited professions for this combination are partnership business, diplomacy, advisory, marriage counsellors, wedding planner, business consultants, business in many areas.

10th lord in 8th house

8th house in the malefic house but it is also 11th house from 10th house. So it can give mixed results. No doubt there will be gain from career but there can be many ups and downs also. You look for transformation in your career. You may have special interest in research field. Your interest in exploring hidden and invisible can help in the field of science, detective service, oceanography etc. There can be some interest in psychology and occult studies as well. Overall there can be some disappointment in your career. You will tend to do mistakes in profession especially in changing times. If 10th lord and its dispositor are afflicted, then there is a tendency of doing illegal work also. There needs to be some patience in dealing with co-workers and management. Some of the career options are scientist, detective service, law, technical work, estate planning, philanthropy, psychological counselling, pharmacy etc.

10th lord in 9th house

9th house is the house of fortune. It is the highest point of a trine. It is also 12th house from 10th. Your actions and efforts will lessen your past karma. Therefore, in this position your work will help others in many ways. You wants to explore many possibilities in your life. There will be an interest in highest possible education which will help to build a great career. Religion and philosophy can influence a lot in your professional interest. You will be highly motivated with moral values, honesty and ethics in profession or business. You can become guiding principle for your colleagues. Your career may get boost in foreign places. The ideal professional choices that suits you are law, teaching & preaching, religious leader, judge, philanthropy, politics, government service, counselling, healing, travelling business, priest etc.

10th lord in 10th house

Here 10th lord will be in own house and it also becomes one of the Pancha Mahapurusha yoga except for Sun and Moon. So the result will largely depends on which planet is the 10th lord. Overall here you will have good synchronization with what you want and what you get. You will get honour and respect in your profession. There is a natural leadership instinct in you. As the planet also aspects 4th house, there will be overall contentment from the professional matters. However, there is a tendency to be overly ambitious and chance of taking wrong steps. If afflicted, can create many problems in profession and happiness from it. The best career options are politics, government service, administration, leadership roles, management, company heads, own business in any areas, diplomatic missions etc. Also it depends on which planet is associated with 10th house. Profession related to that planet will yield good result. So you can read here: Profession through Planets

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10th lord in 11th house

In this position your income and status will compliment your career. You look for recognition, social status, acceptance from employer and co-workers. You will be successful in whatever project you undertake. Your networking and negotiations skills will put you in different league altogether. You always strive to improve your social skills and make many friends in your career. You choose friends who are well connected with you. You may also be involved with charitable causes. If in business, you may provide employment to many people. If 10th lord is afflicted, then you may become over ambitious and arrogant and create problems for yourself. Your own friends may turn into enemies. Some of the career options include banking, speculation, broking, business in stock market, commodity market, import & export, consultant, business development consultant etc.

10th lord in 12th house

When 10th lord goes to 12th house, there can be ups and downs in career. There is a tendency to be reactive to the situations instead of proactively seeking something. You may become very lethargic in taking important decisions. This may affect your career progression, because you may not be able to take competition in workplace and fall behind others. You may also try to escape from reality. You may prefer to work alone also. On a positive side, this could also mean you could work outside your birthplace especially foreign land. There is a chance of you to be very spiritually inclined or motivated to work on social causes like working as doctors, working on improving life of underprivileged people, prisoners etc.You may be interested in volunteering in many causes. Some of you might have psychic and paranormal abilities also. On the other hand, if afflicted, you will have problems in staying in one position for long. Or you may have very unsatisfied career line.

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