5th House in Vedic Astrology

5th house in Astrology

5th house is one among the dharma trikona house and very prominent in Vedic astrology. The 5th house rules over stored up past karma, children, pleasure, creativity, mantra vidya, love, romance, dating, hobbies, entertainment, speculation, gambling, prizes, luck,  legitimate/illegitimate children, popularity, fame, art, music, painting etc.

It relates to past life samskaras. Samskaras are subtle impressions of past actions. If you see, 5th house of the zodiac is Leo or Simha, whose lord is Sun. It is a fixed sign and it is also fire sign. Sun burns something to produce light and heat. It is the basis for life production. It is the force behind us which gives impetus and motivation. Sun is the natural atmakaraka. There is no death for the soul, only body perishes once the life gets completed. You will get another life form in the next birth. However, soul gets attracted to all kinds of impressions or samskaras. Similarly, 5th house shows our past life impressions, thereby creates a link to our past. It is the continuation of our past life to the present. Therefore it denotes the purpose and determination of life. Hence it represents one’s personal identity. It also reveals the attitude towards life and any challenges. And 5th from 5th house (i.e. 9th house) is the result of past life like luck, prosperity, success etc. If 5th house/ lord is well positioned then we can say that there is a smooth transfer from the previous birth. That is the reason 5th house is also related to education. This education relates to wisdom and intellect. As we know experience teach us a lot and these past life experiences itself are stepping stones for learning. This house does not represent much on the education we receive from school and colleges. It is more related to skill sets one possess. The skill sets acquired over the past births will be used to further enhance and innovate. It may also be art of any kind, music, writing, any creative expressions etc. all come under this house.

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Intelligence, intuition all comes under the ambit of the 5th house. As 5th house is related to past births, there will be a huge accumulation of memory. Our brain is a super computer. Each and every event or impression will be stored in this supercomputer and these will be termed as experiences. Based on these experiences, intelligence or intuition will be developed. Today we are in a world of artificial intelligence. Here, based on past data, computers are programmed to act intelligently and work on reasoning, planning, learning, problem-solving through algorithms. This is exactly how the 5th house works. And it depends on which planets influence the most on the 5th house to determine how the native will use his intelligence.

Therefore, 5th house is anything related to creation. For anything to create one needs to have knowledge and experience. The knowledge comes from past memory or intelligence. The body part associated with the 5th house is stomach region. Stomach processes the food and converts it into energy and nutrients to feed the entire body. There is a fire in the belly, which is required to process the food. That is the reason 5th house of the zodiac is a fiery sign with its lord as Sun.

Therefore, we can say 5th house represents the principle of Brahma, the lord of creation. His consort Saraswati is the deity of knowledge and wisdom. The four faces of Brahma represents mind, intellect, ego and consciousness.

5th house also represents everything about children. Possibility of children, conception, miscarriage, behaviour of children, relationship with them and overall life is seen from 5th house. Children are again the process of creation. As it is the 11th house (gain) from 7th house (spouse), children are gained because of the union with spouse. Again 5th house is a part of dharma trikona along with 9th house. As 9th house represents father, you will inherit the traits from father. And later you will transfer it your children through 5th house. It is your dharma or responsibility to inculcate the samskaras from father. And again you have a responsibility to transfer this legacy to your children.

5th house relates to pleasure and fulfilment. The experience of pleasure is associated with satisfying the needs of the self. Pleasure can be of two types, they are sensory or bodily pleasure and higher pleasure. Sensory pleasures are related to the senses and it includes eating, sleeping, playing, observing beauty, music, arts, sexual acts etc.These all comes under 5th house domain. Higher pleasures like spiritual and intellectual are influenced by 9th house. Pleasure can be gained from many sources. It depends on which planet is influencing 5th house. If  there is a positive influence of Venus, then the pleasure-seeking would be through art, music, dance, painting etc. If it is Jupiter, then the pleasure-seeking would be through wisdom, knowledge, teaching, preaching etc. If it is Mercury, then it might be writing, talking, learning languages, communication etc.

5th house also represents speculation and investments and overall investment prosperity. As 5th house gives intuitive nature and intelligence, which will help in taking quick financial decisions. Gambling and speculation is perceived to be the easiest and quickest way of making wealth with little effort. We know that 5th and 9th houses are related to past life karmas. When there is a balance of good karma, then it will be translated into luck and success. Hence it will help in gaining easy money without much effort. Also, 5th house is 7th from 11th house of gains and desires. So there will be a direct impact of 11th house on 5th house. However, when there is a problem in the 5th house, the native could lose fortune through speculation. Gambling does not necessarily involve monetary value. It could be done just as a fun, pastime or entertainment. Therefore playing card games, puzzles, dice, racing all are significations of 5th house.

If you see, 3rd house is 11th from 5th house. 11th house is for gains and fulfillment. That means if there is a fulfillment of pleasures and desires then automatically it would be converted to power, courage, valour, heroism.

There is a strange relationship between the 4th house and 5th house. 4th house is the 12th to 5th house. 5th house stands for pleasure but 4th house denotes happiness. Pleasure is externally motivated while happiness is a state of inner fulfillment. When you renounce from going behind pleasure seeking, there is an absolute happiness. When there is an absolute inner happiness or bliss, it will lead to enlightenment and liberation. That is why 4th house is basic moksha house.

In Mundane astrology, the 5th house stands for Educational institutions, children, amusement parks, theaters, stock exchanges, classrooms, agricultural produce, recording studios, racing, betting, public investments, speculators, sporting events, creativity among people, scandals etc.

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