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Aries Facts

Keywords – Starting point, fresh start, new ideas, new methods, initiate, Impulsive decisions, passionate, blood, red, self-centered, dominating, very active, athletic, energetic, optimistic, dynamic, adventure, temperamental. It represents goals and challenges,

Symbol: The Ram

Ram is the symbol of Aries. Ram usually lives in mountain areas and it will settle the arguments with the fight by ramming heads with others. Ram is a vehicle of Agni (a Hindu God represents fire). In ancient times, Ram was used for fighting and also as a sacrificial animal. It represents aggression, passion, winning spirit, recklessness, anger, frustration, fearless, enthusiasm, self-centered, dominating. Ram was controlled by its master.

Element: Fire

Fire is the destroyer of darkness. Fire signs are associated with dharma or duties/responsibilities. Fire can be used for both good and bad. It can keep you warm or also can create great destruction. You cannot touch but only can feel it.. In Vedic tradition, fire is called Agni, who is the messenger between Earth and Heaven. Fire represents Action, enthusiasm, energy, passion, creativity, spontaneity, power and light, passion, unpredictability, intuitiveness, imagination, emotionally volatile but passionate.

There are three fire signs in the zodiac, they are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Aries fire is mostly used as a part of creation, Leo fire is used for sustenance and Sagittarius fire is used for transformation.

Aries fire is more like an instinctive fire, which is needed to start something new. This energy is swift and rapid. It can create or destroy something. Mostly this fire is used for the basic life activities. Example, to start any activity, we need a fire within. This will be provided by Aries fire. But this is not a continuous energy. You need to use Leo and Sagittarius fire to complete the tasks.

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Aries Facts

Sign Ruler – Mars

Symbol –  The Ram

Element or Tatwa – Fire / Agni

Quality – Moveable/Chara or Cardinal

Gender – Male

Colour – Red

Direction – East direction

Varna- Kshatriya (Warrior class)

Temperament – Bilious (Pitta)

Lucky Number – 9 & 6

Lucky Color – All shades of Red & Scarlet

Lucky Flower –  Red Honeysuckle

Lucky Day –  Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

Lucky Gemstones – Red coral, Amethyst

Lucky Metal – Iron

Body Parts – Head and Brain

Rising of the sign – Prishtodaya (It rises from its back)

Height – Dwarf or Hrasva Rasi

Exalted Planet in Aries – Sun

Debilitated planet in Aries – Saturn

Nakshatra  (stars) associated with Aries – Ashwini (4 quarters), Bharani (4 quarters) and Krittika (1 quarter)


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