Aries Career – Professional Secrets

Aries is a fiery sign, moveable, first sign and ruled by Mars, its symbol is Ram. Aries is a very competitive sign and natives are energetic, passionate, optimistic and dynamic in nature. Ariens are up for challenge anytime and will give their best effort in any situation. On the other hand, they may be reckless, dominating, impulsive in decision making and angry in disposition. Ariens are action-oriented people and work very swiftly. They are entrepreneurs, athletic, energetic and motivated by goals. Ariens will have plenty of energy, but they should know how to use that energy in the right way.

Aries like to be in a position of authority, where they command respect and attention. Normally Arians don’t like boring work. They need excitement and thrilling experience in the work. The lord of the sign is Mars, who is a warrior, who always wants to be on the battlefield. They normally prefer to be in an environment which involves physical work.

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The learning for Aries in the profession would be to channelize their energy and enthusiasm in a controlled manner. Sometimes they put too much of effort and energy when it is not needed. The excessive vigour will only create larger problems later. Another drawback of the Aries is that they are good at initiating any action but fail to complete it. They will start the tasks with tremendous enthusiasm. However, they will lose interest slowly with the passage of time. They need to cultivate the habit of completing any work at hand.  

Ideal occupation for Aries would be engineering, military, police, surgeon, dentists, sports person, Law enforcement officer, security personnel, architecture, journalism, defense, marketing, rescue workers, adventurer, entrepreneur, Professional athlete, Technician etc.

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