Aries Personality – Positive & Negative Traits

Aries personality

Aries is about taking the first step, a new beginning. As an Aries, everything is new for them. They want to experience from the start. They have zeal and passion to explore new things. But because of too much of enthusiasm, they easily become impatient. There is no match for their energy and vigour and they don’t hesitate in taking the initiative in a group. That characteristic will put them in a different league and becomes easy for them to take up the leadership roles. There will be an inner desire to be ahead from the rest. The determination and resolve within will keep them active all the time. They will be in a constant self-belief. Because of the self-belief, they possess courage and willpower.

Aries sign makes them enthusiastic yet impulsive at times. If they can manage the enthusiasm in the right way, they can go places. But the fiery nature of the sign Aries sometimes makes them to act recklessly. Because of this, they will end up doing something else, even though there is a perfect start. Arians will look everything as a battle. They will take life also as if it is a battle. The passion within them is remarkable. The passion for materialistic things will keep them going. Aries are straightforward in nature. They are like an open book. They do not want to keep anything inside and speak their heart out. Sometimes this behavior may land them in trouble. Because there is always a chance of misunderstanding.

As a fiery sign, Aries folks are always in a hurry. Oftentimes people around them will find it difficult to cope up with them. And they are least bothered about the consequences of the action. For them, the action is bigger than the result. Because of this reason, they seldom listen to others on important decisions. This can create a lot of inconvenience in leadership roles. If they can able to curtail this behaviour, it can become an inspiration to others. Constant movement is the key feature of Ariens. They feel happy when you are on the move. They don’t like to be in a state of stillness.

Most of the times, Aries individuals don’t like to be thinking about bigger issues. Also, they are not much bothered about long-term goals. Rather they think more on immediate objectives. They like to live in a present rather than thinking about the future. They may even sacrifice long-term goals to achieve short-term targets. However, when Moon sits alone in Aries without any support from other planets, it can become a disaster. Here mind will become very volatile and all the negative traits of the Aries will start manifesting.

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Positive side of Aries

Aries are action-oriented people. Passion and determination will drive them towards success. They don’t like competition in anything. They will not hesitate to crush the competition. Aries as a combination of fire and moveable sign, makes them ambitious all the time. The vibrant nature within them creates a positive vibe around. They are a happy go lucky kind of people. They have the ability to self-motivate themselves and.don’t need any external stimulus to act.


Negative side of Aries

As a fiery sign, Aries mind travels on an extraordinary pace. Therefore they will take quick judgement on all the matters. So they may judge others too quickly and sometimes become critical about others. Another negative trait is that they don’t have the firmness. So many a times others don’t trust easily. They don’t listen to others and think that they are always right. Also, they don’t try to correct themselves at times.  When things don’t go as per plans, they get furious and become ruthless. Sometimes, they become too much self-centered and others will treat this behaviour as selfish.

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