Aries Sun Sign – Sun in Mesha

People born in the period from April 15 to May 15 every year will have an Aries Sun sign according to Vedic astrology. Sun gets exalted in Aries sign. Aries sign lord Mars is friendly with the Sun. Hence Sun will be very beneficial in Aries sign for the native. Aries is a sign of aggression, like a battlefield and it symbolizes activity. Moreover, it is the first sign of the zodiac. Therefore Sun suits very well with this sign. As Sun governs the whole solar system, the Aries natives like to dominate others. There will be a natural tendency within them to be the master in everything they do. They don’t like to be in a position of less importance. The leadership qualities will come naturally to such people. They have the natural desire to be ‘the boss’ at home, workplace and everywhere. However, the ego will also be on the higher side. They expect admiration from others and cannot tolerate disrespect.

They will have the strong willpower and ready to take up any challenges. They will possess organizational skills, people management skills etc. They may not be hard working people but they know how to get the work done by others. As Venus and Mercury are the lords of 2nd and 3rd houses respectively from Aries Sun sign, their communication becomes very effective. However, success goes to their head very fast and they will start behaving in an arrogant manner. They want others to praise and flatter them often. Because of this behaviour, they fall flat on earth many a time. But again they will rise like a phoenix bird. And this cycle goes on and on.

They are ambitious and determined to achieve success in their field. They are ready to fight any battles. Aries symbol is the Ram and it signifies aggression, ambition, fighting nature and domination. These characteristics are abundant in Aries natives. They are not afraid to take risks.

There will be some connection with the Government in the career. Either they will work directly with the Government or there will be some earnings from Government. Or any dealing with  Government department will be very easy for them.

Because of their dominating nature, they may not make close and lasting friendship with others. Even in a relationship, if they get a partner to be of similar characteristic, then the relationship may get spoiled. In these conditions, if there is an association with Jupiter in the chart, then there will be somewhat relief. In general, they cannot understand emotions, affection etc. However, we also have to see the condition of the Moon in the horoscope before judging anything.


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