About Taurus – Basic Information

Keywords: Practical, stable, sensuous. patient, devoted, responsible, possessive, tactical, material comforts, overprotective, luxury, loyal, generous, materialistic, slow and lazy.

Symbol – The Bull

Bull is a strong and confident animal represents virility and power. It is considered as the sacred animal in many of the ancient cultures and also used as sacrificial animal in some cultures. Bull represents represents stubborn, uncompromising, physics strength, power, fertility, strong will, upward trend, confidence

Element – Earth

The element earth gives a sense of practicality, duty and taking responsibilities. It makes individual grounded. Earthy people rely more on facts and logic than beliefs and emotions. Earth signs are associated with artha, which is one of the purushartha which signifies sense, purpose and goal. Earth element represents Practicality, sensation, demonstration, strength, prosperity, growth, stability, receptive nature,  commitment, tolerance, responsibility,

Taurus Facts

Sign Ruler – Venus

Symbol –  The Bull

Element or Tatwa – Earth/Prithvi

Quality – Fixed/ Sthira

Gender – Female

Colour – White

Direction – South direction

Varna- Vysya (Business Community)

Temperament – Cold

Lucky Number – 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

Other Lucky Colors – White, Green, Pink

Lucky Flower – Rose, Poppy

Lucky Day –  Friday, Wednesday

Lucky Gemstones –  Diamond, Blue Sapphire

Lucky Metal –  Copper

Body Parts – Face, Voice

Rising of the sign – Prishtodaya (rises from its back)

Height – Dwarf or Hrasva Rasi

Exalted Planet in Taurus- Moon, Rahu

Debilitated planet in Taurus- Ketu

Nakshatra  (stars) associated with Aries – Krittika (3 quarters), Rohini (4 quarters) and Mrigasira (2 quarters)


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