Gemini Sun Sign – Sun in Mithuna

People born in the period from June 15  to July 15 every year will have Gemini Sun sign according to Vedic Astrology. Gemini is the 3rd sign in the zodiac and its lord is Mercury. Mercury is friendly towards the Sun but Sun considers Mercury as neutral. A royal planet Sun when placed in Gemini, the native becomes intellectual. Their communication will involve authority and dominance. They will be highly ambitious and aspire to reach top in their field. They will always be on some or the other plans in their mind and cannot be satisfied in their present situation.

Gemini people are good conversationalists and have the ability to conduct skillful discussions. They will have the power to attract the attention of the audience. They will use more of logic and facts in their conversations. But at the same time, they may experience stage fear and nervous tendencies in large gatherings.

Gemini people are versatile and enterprising in nature. They have the ability to conduct many projects simultaneously. They are blessed with intelligence and power of reasoning. They like to probe and research on everything. Geminis are also quick thinkers and has sharp insight.


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