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Cancer is the sign of water. It is a flowing water, which represents easily flowing emotions and feelings.

Key words – Emotional, Romantic, Sensitive, Intuitive, Psychic, Receptive, Motherly love, Maternal instincts, Retentive, Domestic, Tied to the past, Reflective, Protective, Impressionable, Dependent, Sympathetic, Romantic, Home loving, Reactive, Clingy, Over sensitive, Self absorbed, Self Pitying.


Symbol: The Crab

Cancer symbol represents Crab’s claws. Crab is a creature which has tough and strong outer layer (shell) which protects soft and gentle inside. Similarly Cancerians are very strong and has will power, but very soft and kind hearted. Generally cancerians prefer to be in an protective environment.


Element: Water

Water can be in many forms; be it flowing water, stagnant water, in a frozen form or in the form of steam. Water is a universal solvent, where everything dissolves in it. Also it is the purifying element. Water signs represents feelings and emotions. They are most sensitive and intuitive. They feel the pain and happiness of others. Water signs are self protective like aquatic animals because of their emotions and sensitivity.


Cancer Facts

Sign Ruler – Moon

Symbol –  Crab

Element or Tatwa – Water

Quality – Moveable/Chara or Cardinal

Gender – Female

Colour – Light Blue, Silver

Direction – North direction

Varna- Brahmana (Teaching class)

Temperament – Phlegm (Kapha)

Lucky Number –  2, 7, 11,16, 20, 25, 34, 43

Other Lucky Colors – Grey, Silver, Red

Lucky Flower –  White Flowers, White Rose

Lucky Day –  Monday

Lucky Gemstones – Moonstone, Pearl, Ruby

Lucky Metal – Silver

Body Parts – Heart, Lungs, Chest

Rising of the sign – Prishtodaya (rises from its back)

Height – Medium

Exalted Planet in Cancer – Jupiter

Debilitated planet in Cancer- Mars

Nakshatra  (stars) associated with Cancer-  Punarvasu (1 quarter), Pushya (4 quarters) and Ashlesha (4 quarters)


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