Cancer Career – Professional Secrets

Cancerians are committed individuals. They set clear goals and objectives in career. Their ambitious nature will prompt them to take many responsibilities. There is a desire to achieve the goals They are thinkers and own creative vision which will enable them to have a long term plan.

Cancer individuals need some constant external inspiration or push to move forward in career. Generally spouse will play a big role in them. Because emotional ups and downs will cause mood changes with them. But if there a strong support base, they can go to any heights in life. But drawback is that, too much of dependence will make them lose their independent decision making process.

Security will become prime importance for Cancerian individuals. They prefer to be in a secure environment. They are protective of their loved ones, and also wants to have protective personal and professional space. Cancerian managers are blessing for their subordinates, because they treat them well and protective of them. Generally they are good team players. If they get the job of their choice, they stick to it for long.

Cancerians have good memory power. Their unique interpretation and analyzing power makes them successful in any field. As the mind keeps changing according to the situations, they can able to learn varied subjects. But on a negative side, it makes them lose focus on one subject.


Learnings for Cancerians

Cancerians should learn to update themselves to the changing time. Otherwise they will be left behind with their peers in profession.  Cancerians have the habit of becoming laid back and casual at times. It is always better to update the skill sets & abilities and upgrade to newer technologies with the time. Also, Cancer individuals should hold their emotions and over sensitivity at times. Otherwise these sentiments could become obstacles in their growth. Often people can misuse their sensitive nature. Besides this, they should also learn to take some calculated risks, because playing safe may not always work well.


Best suited career options for Cancer

Cancer is a water sign, so any career related to water suits them well. Some of them may become Oceanographer, Marine scientist, Ship captain, Ocean engineer, Naval architect, Fisherman, Aquarist, Commercial diver, Marine biology, marine archeology, underwater filmmaker, Dairy related jobs, nutritionist etc.

Their liking for home spaces can take them to home decor, interior designing, real estate, construction etc.

The sign cancer and its lord Moon are related to food industry. The suitable options are in catering, chefs or anything related to food industry. Also it could be horticulture, irrigation, farming etc.

As they are blessed with intuition and creative abilities, they are suited for creative writing, journalism, teaching, advisory, counselling, psychology etc.

Because of their motherly nature, they are good at nursing, or in any other health care or pharmacy related jobs.


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