Cancer Personality – Positive & Negative Traits

Cancer is a watery sign. There is a old saying: “water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth”. This is how cancerians can be described. It is an emotional sign and feelings are openly displayed. Cancer people are sensitive to others’ pain and suffering. There is a inherent motherly nature with them. The soft and tender heart in them, will always aspire them to serve and give a helping hand.

Generally these folks prefer to be in an protective environment. They may not be big risk takers and keep themselves away from potential threats. Generally they prefer to first own a house more than anything. They feel owning a house will safeguard them and their family. Their family is everything for them. They find happiness and joy in taking responsibility of the family members. They can sacrifice to any extent to see the joy in the family. At the same time they will become very attached to the family and separation for a brief moment can also take them into depression. They are more attached to their mothers. At the time of crisis, they prefer their mother to console them.

Cancer often becomes moody. Their emotions and feelings swing wildly. It is very important for them to create a balance in their emotions. The people around them have to deal with them patiently in this situation. Like Moon changes its pattern everyday, the mental framework also beyond their control.  

Cancerians are intuitive and blessed with psychic abilities. However the level of intuition depends on the position and aspect on Moon from other planets. Generally they are able to process the information in their mind very fast and take decisions. This will happen because their mind is not rigid and aligned to the nature. Hence mind will become receptive to the changing environment.

Crab is the symbol of the Cancer. Crab is a creature which has tough and strong outer layer (shell) which protects soft and gentle inside. Similarly Cancerians are very strong and has will power, but very soft and kind hearted. Sometimes, people misjudge them as weak and fragile and misuse them also.

Cancerians are very romantic in nature. Also as the sign is a watery sign, the emotions and feelings will flow naturally. They love to pamper their partner and expect reciprocal treatment from others.  


Positive Side of Cancer

Cancer people are very helpful in nature, because they feel others’ pain and sufferings. They are always ready to serve the society in any possible manner.


Negative Side of Cancer

Sometimes Cancer people emotionally gets so attached to others, that they can not do anything independently. This clinging type behaviour will  rob away their strength. Another aspect of them is oversensitivity. Sometimes they should learn to be practical.


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