Cancer Child – Nature & Personality Style

Ruled by Moon, these babies are soft, gentle in nature. They look very adorable and affectionate and everybody wants to cuddle them. By looking at the cuteness and charming qualities, all the stress and tensions will disappear for the loved ones. These tiny cancerians more attached to their mothers. So mother will become whole world for them. Overall family is very important for a cancerian child. They blossom well in the midst of a big family environment.

Cancer child is very moody. Their mood swings like a pendulum. You can see the child in euphoric, happy, angry, calm, violent, despondent moods in a single day. When they feel sad, tears immediately flow down from eyes. These children have a habit of making a mountain out of a molehill, for smallest difficulties.

Cancerian children like water a lot, especially flowing water like rivers. Water activities may be a favourite pastime of these little ones. Therefore, registering them for a swimming classes or any other water activities would be a good idea.

Symbol of Cancer sign is crab, which lives both in water and land. Like crab, these children are tough on outer appearance but very soft and sensitive inside. There is a tendency to be shy within them. Parents have to take extra care in upbringing as the child is prone to outer disturbances. Negative comments have to be avoided as far as possible. They love to love and be loved. They just need compliments & encouragement and you will see them flourish. Just inspire them in participating in groups and competitions and they will do just fantastic.

These tiny cancer children live in a emotional world. As a child, they get emotionally attached to the dolls and other toys. Also, they like to play with animals and pets. They can spend whole lot of time with them. So create an environment which supports these activities. Otherwise their emotions get hurt and end up getting disturbed. Even after growing, typically they like to keep pets in their home.


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