Cancer Sun Sign – Sun in Karkataka

People born in the period from July 15  to August 15 every year will have Cancer Sun sign according Vedic Astrology. Cancer is a watery sign and its lord is Moon, whereas the Sun is a masculine fiery planet. There is a conflict of energies with the Sun and the Moon. However, Sun has a friendly relationship with Moon. There will be mix of results in this position. Sun in this position shows there will be definitely some positive samskaras or impressions from past life on these natives.

Cancer individuals are sympathetic in nature. They have a tendency to be over reactive when they see others in distress. They will be very quick in lending helping hand to the needy.

When the Sun is placed in cancer, these natives will become reactive to the situation rather than becoming proactive. Because of this nature, they may lose many opportunities in life. It may be beneficial in some instances but may prove counterproductive in many occasions. They should learn to be proactive in order to make the most of it.

The position of Sun in this place makes them very intuitive and instinctive. There may be some psychic power within them, which have to be utilized properly. And the position is beneficial for occult practices.


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