Leo Career – Professional Secrets

Leos, like the lion, think themselves as superior and high ranking individuals. Confidence and courage are hallmark of Leos. Leos are not the types who believe hard work is the only key to success. They have the talent in finding the other keys to unlock the success. They are very determined and persistent in reaching the goals.

Leos tackle the problems head on. They don’t run away from the difficult situations but try to find a way to solve the problems. The attitude of concentrating on solutions rather than on  problems will put them in different league. And this attitude alone is enough for them to move up the ladder in the corporate world swiftly. They will grab the opportunities with both the hands.

Leo folks prefer to be leaders rather than becoming followers. They are best suited in administrative or leadership roles or at least in an independent position. They plan meticulously about their future as well as about the organisation. They will have a clear cut future plans, and very adamant in achieving them. Sometimes they may go in a shortcut route even if it is not ethical. There is a natural liking to become entrepreneurs. Because that is where they can fully put their soul into.


Learnings for Leos

Sometimes Leos become too bossy and domineering. They become too self centered and cannot accept others views. This will happen because of over confidence in themselves. They should learn to respect others’ views and have a positive attitude.

Another negative factor about them is, they cannot accept failures. They are too much concerned with winning or achieving goals. They may ignore or hide the failures or mistakes. Sometimes it is essential to accept and learn from the failures.


Best suited career options for Leo

As Sun is the karaka for Government, a career related to Government suits them well. It may be directly working for Government agencies or may also be a business which involve getting orders from the Government.

Politics also suits them well. They can also try as administrators, diplomats, ambassadors, Public relations officer etc.

As Leo is a confidant and bold sign, they likely to flourish as consultants, advisers, public speakers, teachers, motivational speakers, spokespersons etc

As Leo is the 5th house of creativity and Leos are fond of popularity and stardom, they likely to do well as actor,producer or anything related to cinema. There may also succeed in the field or art and music.

As 5th house is also related to speculation and investments, career as analyst, finance consultant, auditor can also be done.


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