Leo Child – Nature & Personality Style

The Leo child is happy, bright and joyful. There will be a radiating glow in their face, which attracts everyone towards them. Because of this, they will be treated with extra care. You just have to keep them motivated all the time.

Leo child is a attention seeker. These children love to be the center of attention. They are very demanding too. Leo babies will quickly learn the ways to get attention from parents. Generally they will have preference with either of the parents, mostly it will be father. They will be very vocal in seeking the attention. Screaming and shouting are very common features of these little ones.

Leo child is a born leader. You can see the leadership qualities from the childhood itself. While playing, generally Leo child will take the lead and will be in forefront in guiding others. If there are two Leos in a group, then you can expect uproar and fighting. They are no doubt, brave and fearless and ready for adventurous tasks any time.

Leos are highly creative in nature. They hate to be monotonous and boring. You will see these little ones think out of the box from the beginning. Just give the wings to their thinking and passion and you will see them flying.

As they get older, they may become self centered and see everything in their perspective. They may show bossy nature with other children. They may also engage in boasting and expect admiration from others as well. Because of this, they may not get along well with other  children. It is possible that parents of leo child may receive many complaints from neighbors and school authorities. Parents should encourage them to let others also have some space. Another aspect of Leo is the denial to accept the failure. For them, winning is the only goal and they cannot accept others as winners. Parents need to educate them from the beginning, otherwise it can create larger problems later.


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