Leo Personality – Positive & Negative Traits

Leo Personality

Leo is a masculine sign and its symbol is Lion. There is an inherent obsession to be a leader within them, be it at home or within friend circle or at social gathering or at profession. There is always an inner calling to prove greatness. They are no doubt, are born leaders. You can see the leadership qualities from the childhood itself. They like to portray themselves in a royal and majestic outlook. You will see them in a very stylish and classy outfits.

Lion is a symbol of strength and royalty. Similar to lion, leo are ambitious, courageous and adventurous. Lion is known to be an intelligent hunter. And these people are very tactful and shrewd. They know how to deal with people. Generally they prefer people who obey them in their circle. They always like appreciation and admiration from others and definitely cannot tolerate criticism. They can do anything for the people who are in their good books. At the same time, there is a tendency to hurt whom they dislike.

Leo are ambitious in nature and very determined in achieving success. The strong desire for success will make them confront with anyone. They like to be in the top of their chosen field. They have an entrepreneurial mindset, which enables them to take up any responsibilities. They strategize and formulate proper action plans to reach the desired goals. They have a very good organizational skills. Generally they climb the organizational ladder very swiftly.

Lions are the only big cats who live in groups but doesn’t allow other prides to enter into their group. Likewise, Leo natives likes to be associated with people. But they want to be treated like a boss. As Sun is a royal star and all the other planets move around Sun. LIkewise, Leo people also think themselves as royal and would like to be surrounded by people. There will be a craving for power and authority. They expect respect and honour in society. If there is a lack of it, they become intolerant.


Positive Side of Leo

As Leo are very confident and charismatic individuals, they are surrounded by positive aura. Their enthusiasm and warmth are contagious. They may be perceived as arrogant but are very generous and magnanimous deep inside. When someone is in their good books, they encourage and persuade them by giving support and advice. They are broad minded and generally are not interested in smaller things.


Negative Side of Leo

The major negative aspect of Leo is their ego. Self importance even at the cost of others will be major setback for them. Too much expectation of appreciation and self boasting make others irritated sometimes. Another habit they need to correct is their domineering nature.


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