Leo Sun Sign – Sun in Simha

People born in the period from August 15  to September 15 every year will have Leo Sun sign according Vedic Astrology. Leo is the own sign for the Sun. People with Sun in the Leo are very courageous, confident and bold. They are firm in decision making, hardworking and enthusiastic. They are independent in action and thoughts and they don’t depend on anybody. They have their own set of beliefs and thoughts and they want everyone to follow them blindly. Sometimes others feel them as too dominant and arrogant.

They may be employed in Government or they are good as businessman. It will be difficult for them to be working under someone else. They may be of lineage or clan of kings or of people with authority.

As Leo is a fixed sign, their behavioural patterns are also of fixed in nature. They are very firm in their commitments.  They don’t compromise in anything which will harm their self respect. They follow morals and principles as far as possible.

Leos earn fame and popularity in life. They also earn enough wealth to lead a satisfied living. Their Sun dasa period(which is 6 years), will be exceptionally good. They will earn high ranking status and position in society. They will be very prosperous and enjoy all the comforts in life. They literally live as a king in this dasa period.


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