Jalodara Naashaka Mudra


Jalodara nashaka mudra

Jal+Udar+naashak means ‘water+stomach+removal’. That means Jalodara nashak mudra helps in controlling exess water element in the stomach. The little finger in our hand signify water element and Mercury represents this finger.

Formation and Effect

The tip of the little finger has to be placed at the base of the thumb and thumb has to be kept on the back of the little finger.

This mudra helps in reducing the water element in the body. But it is not advisable to practice this mudra regularly. If there is any problem, then only this mudra is suggested.


Jalodara Naashaka Mudra helps to cure the following disorders:

Excessive urination


Swelling in any part of the body like face, hands etc

Excessive salivation, running nose

Menses problems

Watery eyes

Hyperacidity and loose motion

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